Prosperity Consciousness

noun: the situation of being successful and having a lot of money
noun: the condition of prospering; having good fortune
noun: an economic state of growth with rising profits and full employment

Perhaps the major aspect of SVP we can access is the power of our minds. As we learn to properly use our minds we can change our lives and circumstances. The mind is very powerful and with a little guidance and practice becomes your power to build any life your truly desire. Your experiences, beliefs, thoughts, hopes and desires all mould and make every thing and event we experience. Change these and your life changes whether it be material prosperity, health or social circumstances. Contained within SVP are the tools to mould your mind in any way you truly desire.

Napoleon Hill
“No more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty." [Napoleon Hill]

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"I was also shown the LAWS OF EXISTENCE controlling the human ability to create new circumstances and environment, relationships, achievement or failure, prosperity or poverty." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 18]

Harvey Spencer Lewis
"The greatest prosperity in life is not associated with money or even with the worldly things that have no inherent quality but represent a power to buy. Good health, a moderate enjoyment of the necessities of life, a happy and contented mind, a sureness of what will be made manifest on the morrow, a lack of fear regarding the so-called unknown probabilities of life, a rational and understandable attunement with the Consciousness of the Creator and the Spiritual Mind of the Universe, the fortunate ability to make friends and hold them, to spread sunshine and happiness, to find ways and means of helping others (without the use of money or material things)—these are the things that represent the true prosperity of life. A person who has most of these would not abandon them, trade them, exchange them or sell them for all of the money, the gold, the jewels or material assets of this Earth." [Harvey Spencer Lewis]

"It is the FEAR of the material conditions that wrecks the material body. It is the FEAR of this or that, that prevents a channel from making for the greater supply." [Cayce 254-85]

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