Christ Letters - Letter 2

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I am the CHRIST.
(This Letter should be pondered rather than read) Whilst I operate from the highest realms of DIVINE CREATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, my influence encircles your world.
Speaking metaphorically, I am as distant in 'consciousness' from your world as your sun is distant from earth. Yet if you call on me sincerely, I am as close to you as is necessary to help you.
There will be many who will be unable to receive these LETTERS. Such people are not yet ready for them.
There will be those who will try to stifle their existence, since the teachings will be threatening their livelihood or religion. They will not succeed. These LETTERS will be strengthened by opposition.
There will be those who will receive these LETTERS with joy, since in their souls they have known that beyond the religions of the world has been TRUTH - the REALITY of existence. These are the people who will prosper and will eventually save the world from self-annihilation.
I will now take up my 'autobiography' from where I left off in my last LETTER.
My purpose in giving you some of the biographical details of my entrance into public life as teacher and healer is to bring alive for you, my youthful attitudes and behaviour, the circumstances of my attaining my own state of spiritualised humanhood.
It is important you should be able to visualise Palestine as it was when I was on earth and clearly see the inner conflicts which my teachings aroused in the people indoctrinated in the Jewish beliefs and Traditional Rites.
These conflicts lie at the heart of the gospellers' inability to record, accurately, all that I tried to teach them.
In the gospels are frequent references to my parables describing the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven or Kingdom of God, whichever term the gospellers used but nowhere has any attempt been made to reach into the words themselves, explore the figures of speech, or lift out the spiritual meaning of the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven.

Letter 2-2

As I speak of my true sermons given to the people, you will, in the light of my experiences in the desert and of your own knowledge of scientific facts, be able to understand, at last, a little of what I was attempting to teach at that time.
Since I was largely unsuccessful, it is imperative another attempt should be made to do so, at the beginning of this age, this millennium, since it is on my privileged, highest spiritual knowledge and insight that the next age will be founded and developed.
It was - and is - essential for a Teacher such as I and others have been, super-sensitive and wholly committed mentally and emotionally to a search for Truth of Existence, to come to earth to COIN WORDS to describe to people on earth, imprisoned in words, what lies in the CREATIVE UNIVERSAL DIMENSION in an unformed state. Were it not for such inspired Teachers, people on earth would have remained in ignorance of all that lies beyond the earth - ready for contact, to be personally experienced and absorbed to promote future spiritual evolution.
Not only this - the Bible is said to be the most widely read book in the world. In its present form it has served its purposes.
The New Testament, as it stands, with all its baggage of misinterpretation is a deterrent to spiritual evolution. It is now time to move forward into a new realm of mystical perception and understanding.
Since it is impossible for me, to descend into human body again to speak to the world, and I have other dimensions to whom I minister, I have trained a sensitive soul to receive and transcribe. It is the nearest I can do to talking to you personally. I hope you will be able to receive and accept this.
Whatever is erroneous is erased. You may be sure of this.
The incidents and healings related in the following pages are not important. They happened but they are given only to enable you to understand their true spiritual significance.
I want you, as you read, to relate the conditions of 2000 years ago to your present life and times. I want you to regard the persona of 'Jesus' as an 'icon' of what can eventually be achieved by every human being who is ready and willing to become a founder member of the 'kingdom of heaven' on earth.
Although people of your present world are what you call sophisticated, big-headed in their modern 'knowledge and learning', versed in contemporary manners, and in new ways of relating one to another, basically, the people all those years ago were the same as yourselves.
They were controlled and motivated entirely by their TWIN IMPULSES of Bonding-Rejection Desires-Repulsions even as you are.
They loved, hated, criticised, condemned, slandered and gossiped, possessed ambitions to rise to the top of society, despised those who were failures in life, secretly 'slept around' as you call it, and taunted those who were different in any way to themselves.
To help you fully understand and enter into my time on earth, my 'consciousness has descended to your plane of earthly existence to experience yet again the 'persona' of 'Jesus' and the emotions and events in which I was involved.
Letter 2 - 2-3
When I left the desert and put foot to the road leading to my village of Nazareth, I was still elated, exuberantly joyous in the knowledge so gloriously revealed to me in the desert. I focused my thoughts entirely on all that I had learnt and if my thoughts strayed to my former negative forms of thought, I swiftly turned to the 'Father' for inspiration and determination in overcoming them. In this way, I returned, constantly, to the Light of awareness and understanding.
Some people looked at me askance, seeing my joy and also my dirty, unkempt appearance. Was I happy with drink, they wondered? Others looked at me with abhorrence. Instead of reacting with anger as in the past, I remembered that I had been blest with visions and knowledge they could not even begin to imagine. I blest them and prayed for their inner vision to be similarly opened, and continued peacefully along the road to my home.
There were villagers, however, who viewed my pitiful state with compassion and hurried into their houses to fetch me bread and even wine to help me on my way. There was always someone who offered shelter for the night. The 'Father Life' indeed supplied all my needs and gave me protection as needed.
All this time, I said not a word about my weeks in the desert. I felt that the time was not yet ripe.
Eventually, I reached my home town, Nazareth, and the villagers openly scoffed, pointing at my filthy self and tattered clothes.
'Dirty lazy layabout' were some of the kinder words thrown at me.
I came to my mother's door with a feeling of dread, since I knew she would be more shocked than her neighbours when she saw me stand in front of her: thin, bones showing through skin, eyes sunken and cheeks hollowed out, face burnt black and lips blistered with the sun, and beard grown long and straggly.
My clothes! She would be outraged when she saw my clothes - their original colour wholly obscured by desert dust and the cloth torn and ragged.
I mounted the steps and braced myself to endure the heat of my mother's fury. When I knocked, my sister came to the door. She looked at me, open-mouthed, wide-eyed and frightened, then slammed the door in my face. I could hear her running to the back of the house, screaming: 'Mother, come quickly, there is a dirty old man at the door.' I could hear my mother muttering crossly to herself, hurrying to the door. Flinging it open, she stood, rooted in shock. I smiled but for a moment, she looked me up-and-down with increasing horror as she realised this dreadful creature was indeed her wayward son, Jesus.
I held out my hand to her, saying: 'I know I cause you much pain but can you help me?' Immediately, her expression changed and drawing me inside, she secured the door.
'Quick,' she said to my frightened sister. 'Stop that noise and put water on to boil. Your brother is starved.
It doesn't matter what trouble he has got into, he belongs to us. He must be looked after.' Gently, she helped me take off my clothes and bent me over a large container of water and scrubbed me clean . She washed and trimmed my hair and beard, and lightly covered the sores on my body and lips with a healing salve. Neither of us broke the silence.
I savoured the love she showed me and tried to show my gratitude by a more gentle and sensitive approach.

Letter 2 - 2-4
Having helped me put on a clean robe, she sat me down to a frugal meal of bread, milk and honey.
Reluctantly, she gave me wine, to pick up my strength, but it was obvious she thought that wine had been the cause of my shocking plight.
Then she led me to a bed and placed a cover over me. I slept for several hours and woke refreshed to a morning, bright with sunshine seen through the window.
I was now longing to talk to my mother, to tell her that I was indeed a Messiah but not the kind the Jews imagined. I could save people from the bad results of their 'sins'. I could help them find health, abundance, fulfilment of their needs, because I could now teach them exactly how the world had been created.
As I tried to tell her, she started off by being excited and delighted. She jumped to her feet and wanted to rush out to tell the neighbours her son was indeed the Messiah -they should hear how nicely he now talked- and he had been fasting in the desert! But I stopped her from doing this. I said that I had not yet told her what had been revealed to me. One of the most important things I had learnt was that the Orthodox Jews were entirely wrong in their belief in an avenging 'god'. There was no such thing.
This frightened and upset her and she exclaimed, 'How then will Jehovah govern the world and make us good and listen to his prophets, if He does not punish us? Are you now so big that you are going to tell the High Priests their own business handed down to them from the time of Moses? Are you going to bring more shame on this house?' She began to cry, saying with anger: 'You've not changed a bit. You've only changed in what you're saying. You have brought me nothing but grief. How could I have ever believed you would be a Messiah? You will only lead people into greater torment then ever before, with your strange ideas.' My brothers heard her wailing and came running, wanting to turn me out of the house. Because I did not want a disturbance, I offered to leave peacefully.
If this was how my mother reacted, I could be sure that everyone else would react in the same way to what I wanted to tell them. I realised I needed a quiet time of absolute rest and silence in which to collect all my thoughts and experiences together. I would have to pray for inspired guidance on how best to approach the Jews with my message of 'good news'. I was sure that the 'Father Life' would meet my need, and I would find the right accommodation somewhere. My mother, although furious with my seemingly 'big-headed attitudes', was, nonetheless, torn with her feelings of love and compassion for my emaciated condition. She rejected everything I appeared to stand for - rebelliousness, contempt for the Jewish Religion, high-handed attitudes towards authority, my self-will and arrogance, but she still loved me and was deeply afraid that I would eventually land up in greater trouble than I had ever thought possible.
She admonished my brothers, telling them to hold their noisy arguments and turned to me. 'You can stay here until you are better,' she said. 'Perhaps whilst you are here, I can talk some sense into you. I can tell you now, if you go out into the streets and begin talking as you have to me- you will end up in an even worse state than ever. Good people will spit and throw their rotten rubbish over you. You are a disgrace to your family.'

Letter 2 - 2-5
So, despite her anger, I laughed and thanked and kissed her warmly. Gladly, I remained with her, knowing very well that underneath her anger, she was deeply anxious for me. She fed me well and made me good new clothes. I appreciated all she did towards improving my appearance, as I knew that to move freely between rich and poor, I must be acceptably clad in decent garments.
At times, there were food shortages in the home. Drawing on the power of my 'Father', I replenished them saying nothing. Neither did she. I knew she wondered sadly whether, to all my other bad habits, I had now added that of thief.
Then she caught me with a freshly baked loaf in my hands and knew that I had not been out of the house to buy it and neither had the stove been in use that day.
She said nothing but gave me a long pondering look. I could see her attitudes change at that moment.
She was no longer sure of her ground. She was beginning to question her own attitudes towards me and also the truth of my statements: 'What really happened to him out in the desert? How could he make a loaf of bread without fire, flour and yeast? What does it mean? Is he the Messiah?' Then my brother cut his hand. He was in much pain when it festered . He allowed me to put my hands on his wound and quietly pray. I could see that he felt the 'Power' flow into his hand because he looked at me strangely.
'The pain has gone' he said briefly. He was surly as he walked away, and I knew that whilst he was relieved to be free of pain, he did not like me for having been able to help him. I sensed his jealousy.
My sister scalded her hand and another brother often complained of bad headaches. I was able to cure them both.
My brothers and sisters began to joke about my 'magic powers'. They questioned what 'evil' I might do to them if they angered me. The tension in the home deepened and I felt sadness for my mother who longed for peace in the house.
But she saw changes in my behaviour and was comforted. I was quieter, visibly controlled likely outbursts, reined in my energy, curbed impatience, no longer argued. I became more caring, listened to her womanly grumbles, helped her in the house by repairing broken furniture and walked the hills to distant farms to find the fruit and vegetables she wanted.
I came to love her tenderly and compassionately as a mother should be loved.
One day, she ventured to ask me: 'Do you still say that Jehovah is a myth?' 'Job said that if Jehovah were to withdraw his breath, all flesh would collapse together. That is the 'Jehovah' I believe in and saw.' 'No one has seen Jehovah!' she said firmly.
'I saw THAT Which has brought all things into being,' I replied quietly. 'I call IT the 'Father' because IT is PERFECT LOVE; LOVE more perfect than a mother's' I added, smiling at her. 'IT works in, through and for all ITS creation. It is the 'Father' in me which has brought you the things you needed in the house and healed my brothers and sisters so swiftly.' I could see she was beginning to understand a little of what I said.
'What of 'sin '?' she asked.

Letter 2 - 2-6
'There is no 'sin' as we understand it. We are born to behave as we do. We have to find a way to overcome our human thoughts and feelings for they separate us from the protection of the 'Father' and bring us our sickness and misery. When we have learnt how to overcome the 'self' we will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.' My mother turned away silently, obviously pondering what I had said to her but no longer angry. I knew she was thinking about my statements and realised they would be turning her safe and well-known world upside down. Without her belief in a Jehovah threatening dire vengeance if mankind was unruly, she would feel lost and insecure. She would wonder how the world would ever manage if it was left entirely to men to control the evil doings of themselves and others. Even kings and governors were wicked in their actions. Without Jehovah to rule and punish sinners where would it end? Whilst regaining my strength, I studied the Scriptures diligently to enable me to meet Pharisees and Scribes with confidence. It was also imperative I should know what had been written of the Messiah because I was convinced I was 'he' of whom the prophets had spoken. I could indeed rescue- savepeople from misery, sickness and poverty, even restore them to health and prosperity by showing them the truth concerning the Kingdom of Heaven and the Reality of the 'Father'.
When I felt I was sufficiently prepared to go out and teach and heal, to please my mother, I agreed to go, one Sabbath, to the synagogue in Nazareth, and speak to the congregation.
As was customary, I stood up, and was handed Isaiah to read. I chose the passage prophesying a Messiah would come who would release the Jews from every type of bondage: "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor, He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind.
To set at liberty, those who are oppressed, to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.'' Then I sat down, saying: Today, you have seen this prophecy fulfilled in me.' There was shock and amazement on the men's faces but I continued to speak, knowing that the 'Father' would tell me what to say. The words came without hesitation.
I spoke about my experience in the desert and related my vision of the baby growing into manhood, all the while, all unknowingly, wrapping himself around with mental thongs and chains, thus blinding and imprisoning himself in interior darkness and shutting himself off from God.
I explained that in so doing, they exposed themselves to oppression from conquerors, slavery, poverty and disease.
'For God is LIGHT' I said. 'And LIGHT, is the substance of all visible things. And LIGHT is LOVE which makes all things for man to enjoy.' 'All blessings of abundance and health were freely available to him, who loved God with mind, heart and soul and lived strictly according to the Laws of God.' When I had finished, there was complete silence in the synagogue. I felt that the congregation had experienced something strange and powerful and had been lifted to a higher plane of thought and wanted nothing to disturb the transcendent tranquility of that moment.

Letter 2 - 2-7
Then the whispering started amongst themselves. They were wondering who I was! Some were convinced that I was the person, Jesus, whose family was known in the village, but others could not accept this, since I had spoken as one having authority.
Unfortunately, I felt my old reactions to these religious men returning. I knew they had despised me in the past and so I expected rejection. I slipped back into my old challenging attitudes and thoroughly angered them. Through my own human reactions, I invited disaster. And disaster I almost got.
The younger men, urged on by their elders, rushed at me and dragged me to the highest cliff top to hurl me to my death but I prayed to my 'Father' for deliverance. Suddenly, it seemed they were so stirred up they hardly knew what they were doing, and turned on each other, I was able to slip from their midst and escape.
It was strange. They seemed not to notice my going.
Badly shaken by my experience, I managed to send a message to my mother, saying I was leaving Nazareth immediately and was going down to Capernum, a gracious town by the sea of Galilee.
At first, I thought to join old acquaintances but I felt, intuitively, this was not the right thing to do. So, all the way down and on entering the town, I prayed for the 'Father's' direction and help in finding accommodation. I had no money and would not beg.
As I walked the street, a woman of middle years came towards me, heavily laden with baskets on her arms. Her countenance was sorrowful. It seemed she had been crying. On impulse, I stopped her and asked where I might find accommodation. She said, briefly, that she would normally offer me a bed but she had a very sick son at home. She added that she had been to buy provisions to feed the 'comforters' who had already gathered to mourn when her son died.
My heart grieved for her but also rejoiced. Straightway, I had been led to someone I could help.
I expressed my sympathy and offered to carry her baskets to her house.
She looked at me for a moment, wondering who I might be, but was apparently satisfied by my appearance and demeanour. On the way, I said that I could probably help her son.
'Are you a doctor?' she asked.
I replied that I had received no medical training but nonetheless I could help him.
On reaching her house- large, and well-built of stone, indicating social standing and prosperity, she took me to her husband, saying, This man says he can help our son.' He nodded morosely but said nothing. The woman, Miriam, drew me away saying he was distressed and very angry.
The boy is our only son amongst many daughters and he is blaming God for giving the child the sickness.' Miriam wept. 'If he speaks like this against God, what other troubles will be heaped upon us, I wonder?' Take comfort,' I said. 'Shortly, your son will be well again.' She looked doubtful but led me to the room in which the boy lay. It was hot and stifling, and filled with gloomy, talkative 'well-wishers'. I asked the mother to clear the room but the visitors were resistant. They wanted to see what would be done and only left reluctantly when Miriam called her husband to speak to them. I could hear them arguing with the father in the next room.

Letter 2 - 2-8
What did he think this man could do, if the doctor had been unable to help the boy? The father came into the room to see for himself.
His son was deathly pale and had a high fever. The mother explained he could not keep his food down, and had loose bowels. He had been like that for several days and had lost so much weight, the doctor had said nothing more could be done for him. He would probably die.
I placed my hands on the boy's head and prayed, knowing and silently giving heartfelt thanks that the 'Father' LIFE would flow down through my hands and into his body. Thus the healing work would be accomplished. I felt extreme heat and a tingling vibration in my hands, and the Power pouring into his frail body. I was overcome with joyous thanksgiving. How great, how wonderful was the 'Father Life' when released to do Its natural work of healing! His mother and father, looking anxious, wondering what would happen next, held each other's hands and watched intently. As they saw their son's colour gradually change from white to a more healthy glow, they exclaimed in astonishment and delight. After some time, the boy looked up at me, saying brightly: 'Thank you. I am well now. I am hungry and want something to eat.' His mother laughed with happiness and held him close, but also looked apprehensive.
'I cannot give you food, my son. The doctor will be angry.' She had been warned to starve him of all but water. I smiled and said: 'He is cured. You can give him bread and wine, and he will keep it down.' His father, Zedekiah, was all amazed joy and gratitude. After embracing his beloved boy, he turned to me and wrung my hands warmly. He kept patting my shoulder but shaking his head, unable to speak for the tears which were running down his cheeks.
When he had largely recovered his composure, he went through to the living room and said to the people there: 'My son, almost dead, has been returned to fullness of life again!' His words were met with a great clamour of jubilation, excitement, disbelief, questioning, laughter and congratulations. The boy's mother stood there, her face wreathed in smiles.
After that, there was no question of needing accommodation. When Zedekiah told the astonished 'comforters' that the boy was cured, and the youth, himself, appeared smiling at the door, and asked, yet again, for food, the 'well-wishers', one and all, gathered around me and invited me to their homes.
However, I preferred to remain with the boy's father, who now said he had many questions to ask me; he hoped I could answer them.
After food and wine were placed on the table and everyone was invited to eat their fill, Zedekiah sat down and asked his first question.
He said: 'You have done something no priest or doctor could do. Healing only comes of God.
Although you are a stranger, I perceive you must come from God.' 'Yes.' I said. And the people murmured, wonderingly.
'This illness which has come upon my son. Was this a punishment for something I have done wrong in the past? And how could I commit so grievous a sin that God should want to take my only son from me?' Many of the people nodded when they heard these words.

Letter 2 - 2-9
'You have asked the question I most want to answer, Zedekiah. God gives us LIFE and being. He would not snatch these away as a man will snatch some treasure from another man because he is angry with him. This is the way that mankind behaves. Not God. And God is not placed on a throne in some part of the sky like human kings sit on thrones and govern their people. This is the human way, and a human belief- not truth. The way of God is far beyond anything the human mind can devise or dream about. I alone have 'seen' 'That which has brought us into being', and I know that IT is not the kind of 'God' taught by the Rabbis. I saw that IT is 'Perfect Love' and for this reason I would rather speak of the 'Father', for I have seen that It works within every living thing, keeping them in a good state of health even as a human father works to keep his children well fed, clothed and protected within the shelter of a home. I have 'seen' IT within everything in the world .
'How can that be?' a man asked doubtfully.
'It is not possible for an individual 'being' of any kind to be everywhere at once. But the air is everywhere although we cannot see it. Nonetheless, we know - and do not doubt - it is very real and very important to our existence. If there were no air and we could not breathe it, we would die. The movement of air, which we call wind, we cannot see but we see it agitate the leaves, and drive the clouds across the sky, so we know the air is around and above us and is strong. And now I will ask you, what is the most real and valuable part of a man - his body or his mind?' Some answered it was the body, otherwise he would have no place on earth, could not work, could not be seen, would not be known. Others said they thought that his mind was more important than his body.
And I answered: 'His mind is the most important part of him since without his mind, he could not power his body. He would not eat, drink, sleep, move, plan, or live. Yet, we cannot see mind. We can only know we have a mind because of the thoughts it produces and because the thoughts fashion some kind of action in our lives. We believe mind works through the brain. Yes, it does. For how could brain, born of flesh, produce thoughts, feelings, ideas, plans? And now it should be clear to you that this is how the 'Father' is present within all things; It is the directing 'mind' behind the human mind, working Its great works within every living thing. We know this is so, for we see the marvels it brings about. We see the growth of children, we see the food they eat miraculously changed into another substance which nourishes and makes them grow. How this happens, we do not begin to know or even imagine. Even if we did know, we would still not know what set such an important life process to work in living bodies of every species. See how wonderfully, the bodies of each species is fashioned and created purposefully, expressly to transform the kind of food they eat, into nourishment to grow bone, blood and flesh.' 'Now you show us these things, we can see they are truly marvellous.' A young man exclaimed. 'They are! They are! We see the young bodies going through their various stages of development, and we see their minds keeping pace with their physical development until the youths and maidens begin to long to find a spouse and to become parents themselves. Then the great work of conception is accomplished and the growth of the seed within the womb continues, until it comes forth as a full term child. Think! Who determines all this steady, orderly growth within the woman, from whence come the plans which govern the right development of head, body, and limbs and are unvarying from one woman to another, and from one species to another? Who decides the exact moment when birth shall begin- the physical means by which the child shall be brought forth from the womb, the provision of milk for the child? Think - is it the

Letter 2 - 2-10
mother? No, it is not the mother, she is but witness of all that takes place in her from the moment her husband has been to her and planted his seed to join with hers. Does God do all these things from afar? Do his thoughts reach out to each man and woman and decide when these things shall take place? No, all this work is accomplished by the 'Creative Mind Power', the 'Intelligently Loving Life' within every living thing. We see the parents' love of their young, be they bird, animal and man. Where does this love come from? It is drawn from the 'Creative Mind Power'- Perfect Love- of the 'Father' within us.
It is because the 'Father' does the work within the plants, the trees, the birds, animals and man himself, that we are here today, living, breathing, eating, sleeping, having children, growing old and then dying to pass on to some more happy place. All of this is the work of the 'Father' active within us. How can you possibly deny the truth of all I have said tonight? Today, you saw a dying youth brought back to fullness of life again within a short time -was it I who healed him? Not at all. Of myself I can do nothing. It was the LIFE that is the 'Father' active within all things, which came in full force to repair an ailing body and bring it back to full health again because I believed It would and did not doubt.' There were sighs of satisfaction in the room. New light, new interest, even new gentleness showed in their faces.
'Why then, does man suffer so grievously?' Miriam asked.
'Because when man is begotten, when LIFE takes on form within the seed, IT takes on the humanhood which separates IT from every other individual in the world . To make IT single, a lone figure, joined to none other, solitary, private, ITS own person, IT becomes subject to- is controlled by two mightily strong impulses in his earthly nature -to hold fast to all those things he greatly desires and to reject and push away all that he does not want. These two most basic impulses in man underlie every single thing he ever does throughout his life, and are entirely responsible for the trouble man brings upon himself.
Although the 'Father' is active within man, IT has nothing of humanhood in IT.
Therefore the 'Father' holds nothing, rejects nothing, condemns nothing, does not even see 'wrongdoing'. All that man does which man calls 'sin' is only of this world and is only punished within this world- for it is a Law of Earthly Existence, as you know, that whatever you sow you will reap as a like harvest. Because he draws LIFE and MIND from the 'Father', man himself is creative in thought, words and deeds. Whatever he thinks, says, does, and believes, returns to him in like form, some time later. There is no punishment from the 'Father'- whatever ills come to mankind is of their own making entirely.' People murmured that this was a new teaching altogether, and yet it made greater sense than all they had been taught before.
Several voices urged me to tell them more.
'I tell you, in me you have seen the LIFE active as healing; follow me and you will hear of the PATH you must walk to find happiness; in my words will you find the TRUTH of Existence never yet revealed by any other man.
'It has been said of the Messiah he will utter secrets hidden from the beginning of creation. I tell you truly, these secrets you will hear from me. If you listen carefully and grasp their meaning, and practise their truth, and hold fast to their laws, you will be made new and will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.'

Letter 2 - 2-11
After I had spoken, the people were quiet for a moment and then there was a clamour of excited talk but Zedekiah stood up and said it was time for the household to settle down. His boy needed sleep and his wife and daughters, too, were weary after all their weeping.
It was arranged that, the next morning, I should go down to the harbour and sick people would be brought to me. Thus, I was able to launch my mission and everything was speedily arranged for me in the best possible way. It seemed that if I did not heal, there would be no interest in and no acceptance of all I had to tell them. Healing demonstrated the truth of what I wanted to teach, and my teachings would explain the reasons why I was able to bring them healing from the 'Father'.
When I woke the next morning, I felt joyously alive with the expectation of wondrous things to come.
After I had broken my fast, I set out with Zedekiah towards the town harbour, my heart aglow with love for everyone I passed. I greeted them warmly, telling them I had 'good news' for those who wanted to hear it.
When I reached the jetty, I found men, women and children seated on the ground, awaiting my arrival.
Some held out their hands to me imploringly. These looked very ill, some were crippled, many were covered in sores.
My heart still ached for their pitiful state but now I could also rejoice because I knew that it was not the 'Father's Will' they should be like this. Quite the contrary! The 'Father' was Itself all healing, all health, all fitness. I had proved this the night before and in my home. I exulted that I would be able to demonstrate this wonderful truth to the crowds now gathering around me.
One sad old face caught my attention. She was wrinkled and thin and crooked. I went to her and kneeling beside her, I placed my hands on her head and immediately felt the flow of 'Father Power' through my hands, vibrating through her head until her whole body shook with the Life Force energising her limbs.
People, watching this were astonished and wondered what I might be doing to her, but others quietened their objections. Gradually, her limbs began to unbend, lengthen, straighten; her face became alive with the joy of returning strength. I helped her to stand up, then she stood proudly by herself. She was so overcome with happiness; she began to weep then laughed and danced, calling out to the people: 'Praise God' she said, 'Praise God' and others standing there took up the refrain. They were all deeply moved by what they had seen.
The crush of people pressing in against my person was so great, Zedekiah offered to control them. In orderly fashion, assisted by other eager onlookers, he marshalled the sick towards me, that I might attend to them according to their deepest need.
At last, feeling tired, my host invited me back to his house to dine. He sent away those whom I had not been able to heal for lack of time. He assured them I would return the following day.
It was a festive evening - so much to talk about - so much to celebrate - so much to teach - so much to learn - all of it certainly 'good news', the people agreed. I knew that by many, I was accepted as speaking truly of what I had 'seen' in the desert.
And so it continued for many days. People came to see me from far and wide. Zedekiah and other of his friends helped me to control the crowds to enable me to heal and teach. The people listened gladly. They were talking amongst themselves about the 'Father' and were eager to learn more about the 'thongs and chains' which bound people in misery.

Letter 2 - 2-12
The crush became so great, I soon realised I would have to find my own helpers on whom I could rely to assist me. It was time for Zedekiah to return to conduct his leather business which he had been neglecting.
I went away to the hills to pray about choosing 'disciples'. When the conviction came to me that I would be guided as to whom to choose, I returned to Capernum. I felt a strong inclination to go down to the water front to speak to some men I had seen listening intently to my teachings.
Whether they would leave their fishing nets to join me, remained to be seen. But when I called them, Simon, Andrew, James and John, they came immediately, happy to help in my work of healing and teaching. Others also joined me as I began my work amongst the people.
I left my host, Zedekaih's house with his warm assurances I could return at any time.
Thus it was that I commenced my mission as a teacher and healer wandering wherever needed through towns and villages. Before setting out, I gathered together the young men who had consented and were eager to help me. They would be listening to my teachings and would be mystified by much that I wanted to say. It was vital I should first explain the background to all that had been revealed to me in the desert.
I told them that despite my previously lazy way of life, I had always had a profound compassion for people. It was my compassion that made me turn from the 'God' taught by the Rabbis. When I spoke of my total rejection of a punishing Jehovah, I could see the doubt and shock in their faces.
At considerable length, I explained that I questioned how it was possible to speak of a 'good' God, when there was so much suffering endured by innocent children. As I spoke, I saw their faces gradually relax. I continued to voice my previous doubts and anger until I saw their expressions change into those of acceptance and then full agreement. I discovered I had put to them their own doubts and questions which, previously, they had never had the courage to put into words.
As we spoke together, I could sense their relief that they were no longer alone in their secret resistance to the rabbis' teachings.
I told them there came a time when I began to realise ever more clearly that I was wasting my life. I wanted to change and felt very strongly I should go to John the Baptist as a starting point, as it were, to the commencement of a new way of living.
I described what happened during the baptism and my six weeks in the desert. I explained that all my previous thoughts and beliefs, attitudes, arrogance, rebelliousness were gradually cleansed from my consciousness whilst I was going through the deep revelations and visions showing me the 'Reality' I now called the 'Father'. I explained the nature of the 'Father' and that this 'Divine Nature' also constituted the 'Divine Will'. I told them that it was man himself, who, through wrong thinking and wrong behaviour, shut himself off from the 'Father' within him, and man alone, by first repenting and then by mental-emotional cleansing, could find his own way back to full contact with the 'Father'. When this was accomplished, the full Nature of the 'Father' would be released into the person's mind, heart, body, soul and his life environment and experiences. As this happened, such a person would enter into the Kingdom of Heaven ruled by the 'Father' and also, the Kingdom of Heaven would be established within the consciousness of the person. He would then have attained the purpose behind his existence.

Letter 2 - 2-13
As I spoke to my disciples, I saw their reactions reflected in their faces. All doubt had gone, there was now a light of dawning comprehension and joy. These young men became enthusiastic believers and exclaimed: 'This is indeed good news!' However, after their first acceptance of all I said, there were times when they wondered whether all I said could be true. I understood this. To be prepared to rid themselves of the image of 'Jehovah' so deeply imprinted in their minds took a great deal of courage.
There were times when they spoke amongst themselves and questioned who was this man claiming such marvels? Supposing they came along with me and it turned out that I was really a messenger from Satan? What then? They would be severely punished by Jehovah.
They had much to lose- their standing in society as sober, hardworking young men, their reputation as tradesmen and artisans, their loss of income, and biggest obstacle of all, the probable anger and rejection by their families. What would they receive in return? I told them I could not promise them any earthly reward for their help in spreading the 'gospel of good news'. I had no doubt at all that wherever we went we would be given food and shelter and would be well received by the people. I could only promise them the Truth that the 'Father' knew their needs and would fulfill them and keep them healthy. I could also promise them that as they turned to the 'Father' and trusted the 'Father' every step of the way, they would be happy in a way they had never been happy before. They would experience the Kingdom of Heaven themselves to the extent they set aside the demands of 'self' and served other people. They would witness the healings, and these would increase their faith and give them the courage to endure any discomforts of the journey.
And this was how we came to start on our mission of spreading the 'GOOD NEWS' of the 'GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM'.
I sent these young men ahead of me into the town we were to visit. As they entered it, they told the people to gather together to hear the 'Good News of the Kingdom of Heaven'. The people were astonished and wanted to know more but the disciples urged them to fetch their friends and neighbours and they would be told all about it 'when Jesus arrived', and there would be healing of their sick people. Excitedly, many ran to help spread the 'good news' and soon they were gathered together in a huge crowd.
I, who had so deeply and passionately rebelled against the long-faced religious homilies threatening violence, punishments and damnation to sinners, now walked with joy to meet these crowds.
I had my 'good news' to share with them to brighten their day, and healing of ailments and afflictions to gladden their lives.
Whereas, before, I moved amongst people selfishly and empty handed, taking their goodwill and sometimes their hand-outs with little gratitude, I came now with an abundance of life-giving possibilities for everyone who was prepared to listen to my words and take action to improve his quality of life.
I want you who are reading these pages, to fully understand my position at that time, my state of consciousness after my illumination in the desert, and the persona I presented to my countrymen as 'Jesus'. There have been so many conjectures that I am about to give you the truth.

Letter 2 - 2-14
I was born to have, when mature, a fine physique, strong aquiline features, a remarkable intellect and a love of mimicry and laughter - but, like so many of you today, I took no care of my earthly talents. At the time of going into the desert, my face and manners were what you might call 'down-graded' from what they should have been. Whilst I had begun to examine and rebel against what I had become, my intellect had also suffered from mis-use, constantly engaged in arguments and dissensions over religion and indulging in flippant speech. I made people laugh. I was liked by the men and women I mixed with, but certainly not respected. Hence the astonishment of those who had known me, when I spoke to them in the synagogue in Nazareth.
Whilst my mother nursed me back to good health, I made powerful use of the knowledge and enlightenment given me in the desert. This restored me to the man I was meant to be.
When I started my mission, I was fully aware that I was the only one with the supreme knowledge of the secrets of creation and existence itself. Therefore, I could say with perfect confidence, "No one has 'seen' the 'Father' but me".
I knew that all that men believed in so wholeheartedly was false - not real.
I knew that I had been specially fashioned and designed by the 'Father' for this mission. I had been blest abundantly with the physical energy, vitality of speech and the ability to devise meaningful parables, to enable me to pass on the message successfully and in a form that would never be forgotten .
Besides which I understood my fellow men so well from long association with them that I knew their fondest hopes, their most desperate fears; I knew what made them laugh and prompted them to mockery and derision of the rich and pompous; and I knew, also, how deeply, so many, young and old, suffered silently and bravely. I knew and experienced deep compassion for the populace which lived in fear of- or endured -the verbal whiplash of Pharisees, and bowed down to the tax laws of the Romans. I knew how their proud Jewish spirit was bruised by the conquering gentiles whom they were forced to honour with their lips and hand and knee salutations, yet whom they despised behind closed doors. I knew and fully understood the lives and thinking of the populace. I had previously thought their thoughts, felt their resentments, endured their kind of anxieties in times of lack, felt powerless in the grip of the Roman governance.
I now knew that none of this suffering was really necessary. Knowing as I did, the Reality of existence, the Reality of Universal 'God', I could clearly perceive the foolishness of the Jews in authority, who were imposing a burdensome way of life upon the populace which was wholly erroneous and in direct contradiction of the Truth of Being. The situation made me deeply angry.
Therefore, I knew I had been perfectly fashioned and honed to become a purified instrument of Divine Action in Palestine - driven by my passion for TRUTH and driven by my compassion for my fellow human beings. Hence I called myself 'Son of man' because I knew exactly what mankind was up against in their daily lives.
Furthermore, I had perfect confidence I could achieve my objectives of bringing Truth to the people and thus be instrumental in changing the quality of their lives. For that reason, although I knew right at the outset of my mission there would be a penalty to pay for all I proposed to do - turn the known Jewish

Letter 2 - 2-15
world upside down and inside out - I was prepared to face up to it, go through it, could not evade it, because I loved people with 'Father' LOVE flowing through my heart and being. For 'Father' LOVE is the essence of GIVING - giving Itself into visible being and visible existence and growing, protecting, nourishing, healing, and fulfilling all the needs of all creation made visible.
I knew I was the 'Father's' gift of salvation to the people- to the world NOT as they supposed and taught down the centuries -salvation from the punishment meted out by an angry God to 'sinners' - BUT to save people from the daily repetition of the same mistakes in wrong thinking - wrong thinking which created their misfortunes, poverty, sickness and misery.
Because I loved the human race so deeply, I was prepared to teach and heal in defiance of the Jewish Priests. I was prepared to die on the cross for what I had truly 'seen' in the desert, knew with all my heart, and wanted to share to the last drop of my ability to do so.
*************************** I was a gift from the 'Father' to mankind to help them surmount their ignorance of the Laws of Existence, and find the true Path of Life leading to the joy, abundance and perfect wholeness of the Kingdom of Heaven.
These were the perceptions, the desires, the intentions and goals and the thoughts which I bore within my mind and heart. This was the earthly mental-emotional framework clothing my spiritual consciousness hidden within the head and figure of 'Jesus'.
It was my spiritual consciousness channelled into the above forms of thought and feeling which impelled me to set out on a three year journey to bring the people, what I fully believed, was final rescue from their own blind thinking and feeling which were creating their own troubled lives. I truly believed that if only the people could be shown all that had been given to me to understand, they would realise their past folly and would make every effort to change their thinking and put foot to the Path of Life leading to the Kingdom of Heaven. To this end, I was prepared to give my life.
Because of the wrong interpretation placed on my mission by Jewish teachers, my true message has been distorted out of recognition and the purpose of these Letters is to bring to the people of this New Age, the truth of what I really spoke to the crowds in Palestine.
Therefore, returning to my recounting of those days, let me take you back to a special day which bore fruit amongst my listeners and made a lasting impression in the minds of my disciples.
Hence, for me also, it was a particularly meaningful day.

Letter 2 - 2-16
I took time off from the pressure of people, to go into the hills to pray and meditate to recharge my spiritual batteries by making a deep, strong, more powerful connection with the 'Father' within me. This connection was so rapidly obscured within my consciousness when I was busy amongst the crowds that I was exhausted. Arriving in the cave I used when in that area, I pulled out the pallet hidden under a rock and lay down to sleep. Instead of sleep, however, I felt the immediate inflow of Divine Life, the 'Father', and the tiredness was dissolved as my body was charged with the Power which is the Creative Source of All Being.
I was lifted in consciousness into golden Light, and as I was travelling upwards within this Light, It suddenly changed to purest white and I knew that, in consciousness, I was now at the portals of the Equilibrium which is the Eternal, the Universal, the Infinite dimension beyond all conception of human mind.
I observed the LIGHT but was not of IT, nor was IT powerfully within me, since this was the 'God' dimension of the void, the no-form of the Universal Equilibrium. But IT communicated with me and infused me with Its glowing LOVE. It impressed in me, yet again, that IT was the 'Creating-Perfecting-Healing-Process' LOVE governing all existence.
I knew that wherever there was lack there would eventually be fulfilment, even as waters flow to fill a lake.
Where there is misery, there would be joy because it was the NATURE of the Universal to move into any living thing in need, to bring fulfilment and joy.
I knew that where there was no growth, circumstances would arise to promote the growth.
I knew that where there was a sense of failure, challenges would be provided to spur people into success and self-confidence.
I 'saw' that this LOVE WORK constantly initiated by the 'Father' in the lives of overburdened people, might not be recognised as a 'gift of LOVE' by the recipients. They might be so sunk in their apathy, feelings of failure, their belief that nothing good could ever come their way, they would fail to see anything in their lives beyond their own beliefs and feelings! Hence, they would remain rooted in their own self-created hell.
There was no need to feel sorry for anyone. The only need was a compassionate heart and a determination to bring Truth to heal their ignorance.
The greatest gift a man could give to another was the enlightenment of ignorance of existence and its cosmic laws, for the TRUTH was: Every single soul was embraced within the UNIVERSAL and the degree of UNIVERSAL INPUT via the 'Father' LOVE WORK in their lives depended entirely on the individual's receptivity.
I realised that what people needed urgently to hear was what I had just been told.

Letter 2 - 2-17
They needed to 'see' and fully realise the intention and the purpose and the potential of LOVE, which was the very substance of their being. Because of their disbelief, they might cast the 'Father' LOVE WORK aside as being more 'pain-inducing challenges' and thus lie down in their failure forever.
I now saw, even more clearly, I was sent to awaken people to all the possibilities for selfdevelopment, prosperity and the achievement of joy and happiness, but it would be up to them to wake up and take advantage of what was offered them.
I remember that this upliftment lasted all night, and in the morning I rose feeling alive as never before.
My message had been clarified. I had seen, even more clearly, the Reality of the 'Father' and knew that I would be able to go out that day and meet the crowds and transmit to them, the power and the life of what had been shown me.
As I climbed down from the cave, I came to a large rock overlooking a steep precipice. When I sat, I was able to look down over the town we were to visit that day.
I could feel that 'Perfecting Process' -that 'Making Whole' Impulse - the 'Father' - surging through me and I longed to share It with others before the problems of daily living should swamp It, and It should lose its power and driving force within my human consciousness.
My disciples joined me a short while later. On entering the town, they spoke to the people and directed the gathering crowds to move on to sloping ground beyond the dwelling places.
Standing on a large rock in their midst, I began to speak.
I found that the passion and the joy - the yearning, longing, and conviction were all spontaneously poured into the words I spoke to them.
'You are sorely pressed down and weary. Your tasks grow heavier as you get older, your bellies are often empty, your clothes get threadbare, people make you angry, and you feel there is no end to your trouble and heaviness of spirit.
'But this is not the truth concerning your existence. Your lives were intended to be very different. 'If you could only see beyond your feelings - if you could only lift your minds to make contact with the 'Father' within you, you would be able to 'see' and know what your state of existence should be. You would realise that you were created to enjoy abundance, protection, good health, and happiness.
'But because, daily, you live in fear of 'good and evil' and believe and expect these more than you believe that the 'Father' is abundant LIFE and LOVE within you, supplying you with all things necessary for health and well-being, it is your most feared 'good and evil' experiences you attract into your lives and bodies. Your beliefs in 'good and evil ' obscure- CLOUD OVER- all that the 'Father' has in store for you if only you will believe in 'Father LOVE'! 'You judge your todays and expect of your tomorrows what you have experienced in the past.
Therefore, are the ills of your yesterdays continually repeated in the future.
'You are enslaved by your memories and your undeviating belief that what was past must return again and again to burden and wound you.

Letter 2 - 2-18
'You do not need to heal your bodies or try to make your lives better, you need to heal your beliefs! 'I have told you there is nothing solid under the sun.
'If you could heal your beliefs, bring your beliefs into line with the 'Father' true Intention for you, the wrong beliefs governing your bodies and lives, would dissolve like mist in the sun.
'Your every circumstance would immediately come back to the Divine Intention behind all creation.
'You would find that for every difficulty, for every lack of every kind, there is always a means to end the difficulty, there is always a filling of your basket to meet your need.
'What do you think happens when the sick come to me and I lay my hands upon them? 'Am I thinking about the illness, am I wondering if the person will be healed, am I afraid the 'Father' may be sleeping or is so far away I cannot be heard? 'No, if these were my disbelieving thoughts, there would be no healing.
'When a person approaches me for healing, I immediately rejoice because I know that the Power which is the 'Father' is within me, ready and waiting to heal the moment I ask. I give thanks because I know that the 'Father's Will' is health, not sickness. Therefore, I pray that the 'Father's Will' be done in the sick person. As I remove the belief in sickness from the sick person's body and KNOW that the 'Father's Will' of health is flowing into his system, so does the appearance - the appearance - of sickness change into the reality of 'Father Health' and the body is made whole once more.
'Sickness is nothing more than a lowering of vitality- a reduction of LIFE - within the affected part. Restore 'Father Life' to the true Intention and Plan of your system and the entire system functions as it should.
'You have been told that God sends sicknesses, plagues, famine, destruction to nations when they do not keep his laws, you have been told that you yourselves are punished by an angry God for sins you have committed. What is punishment but evil-doing under the guise of goodness? I say to you that evil does not come from God. How can God be of two parts- good and evil? 'It is only in your minds that you conceive good and evil, only in your hearts do you think and feel it.
These thoughts and feelings have nothing to do with the true God which is the 'Father' within you, bringing you every good thing if you will but believe this is so.
'It is your belief in good and evil, and the good and evil in your hearts, which brings you sickness.
'In reality, you live within the Kingdom of Heaven, and the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, and you are governed by the 'Father', but because you believe in the punishments from God, believe that only sacrifices in the Temple will save you, believe that you are heir to sickness, poverty, misery, you create with your minds, the very things you do not want.
'Be not downcast - rejoice and be glad and know that those who experience lack, far from being punished and abandoned by God, even though they have sinned, are truly blest.
'The man who has nothing is rich in the Power of the 'Father' if he will but heed It, trust It, and live within lt.

Letter 2 - 2-19
'For when your bellies are filled, and your bodies know ease, and your minds and hearts are comfortable, you have no urgent and present need of the 'Father' to become active within you to fulfill your needs.
You believe by your own thoughts and hands do you fulfill your own needs easily, so when you speak of 'God' you can only speak of what you have heard spoken by others - you, yourself, have no direct experience of 'God'.
'Consider the rich. They are sunk, bound, bogged down in their own riches. They get up in the mornings and go about their daily business, knowing nothing about the Power of the 'Father' within them. They think the thoughts which will increase their riches, the thoughts which will boost the 'self', they send out commands which will burden those who serve them, they live their lives according to their own choosing.
Therefore, because they draw their limited life only from their own limited human thinking arising from their bodily minds and hearts, they get sick and experience as much misery as does the man who has nothing. They do not realise they are only half alive because they are not in touch with the SOURCE OF LIFE, the 'Father' within them. Neither do they ever 'see' that much of the good which has come into their lives is not of their own devising but is the LOVE WORK of the 'Father' hidden within them.
'The religious leaders are at ease in their own comforts of positions of authority. They have no need of anything beyond their own physical satisfactions. Because they have no personal knowledge of God, they must read, from their Holy Books, the words of holy men spoken a thousand years ago, and tell the people what they think the words mean.
'But all they speak is drawn from their own little minds which are imprisoned in the comforts of their lives, sunk in the expectations of what they shall eat and drink and what apparel they will wear to impress the people. They know nothing of the inspiration which gave birth to the words spoken by the prophets all those centuries ago. Neither do they know whether those words are what you really need to hear at this moment, for times have changed.
'Believe me, the rich men and the religious leaders are strong in earthly things and do not want to be moved on from all that they regard as secure and everlasting in their traditions and observances. Any deviation will shake the foundations of their beliefs and therefore of their lives, and so they build mental defences against the inflow of the Power of the 'Father'. They too, get sick, and they, in their own way, know misery as do you who have no earthly comforts.
'There is no difference between you who have little in life and those who have it all, for rich and poor alike get sick, make enemies, find themselves alone.
'But the potential for you gaining more than the religious and rich can ever hope to gain, in health, happiness, good fellowship, achievement in your chosen way of life, is enormous. And when it is all accomplished, you will know that the opportunities, the ability, the inspiration all came from the 'Father' within, because you will know you could never have done such things if you had not asked the 'Father' within you to help you use all your talents, to put plenty of food in your cupboards, and clothes on your back and happiness and a good life for your children.
'All these things will the 'Father' do for you, if you will but ask- and believe- and know- and remember at all times- that it is the 'Father Nature' to create and then provide abundantly for all Its creation.

Letter 2 - 2-20
'Just as you would not wilfully deprive your children of the things they need, so will your 'Father' never wilfully deprive you of all you need for a happy life. If you are poor, it is because you have not yet understood the nature of the 'Father'; nor have you understood that you must work with the 'Father' to fulfill your own needs. You must immediately grasp the divine opportunities presented to you to help you forward.
'If only I could show you and make you see and believe that when you mourn, your sadness is known to the 'Father'. In time, your sadness will be changed to joy, if you will but turn to the 'Father' and watch the work the 'Father Love' is doing in you. You will find comfort beyond anything you thought possible.
'How blessed you are when you are hungry and when you are thirsty, for your needs are known to the 'Father'. Shortly those needs will be satisfied if you cease to wail and begin to pray to the 'Father' and ask - believing you will receive.
'How can you believe that to eat and be properly clothed you must first go to the Temple and offer burnt sacrifices of the 'Father's' own living creatures to pay for your sinning? Can you not see that the living things you burn have been created to enjoy life even as you have been created to enjoy life? They have been created to be a blessing and blest on this earth even as you have been born to be both blessing and blest, for this is the nature of 'Father Love' revealed in Its creation.
'If you remember that 'what you truly believe', is what you get, can you not see that this Jewish belief in Temple sacrifices of living things will bring you nothing but misery? 'Believe in punishment and punishment is what you will get. Believe in killing and destruction as being the right way to reach God, and that is what you will experience- killing and destruction.
'If you are hungry and thirsty, it is because you are turning away from the 'Father' within you.
'By indulging your fearful thoughts, anxieties and feelings of hopelessness, you are creating the very conditions you want to rectify. You are doing all these bad things to yourselves.
'Therefore, even more blest are you when you hunger and thirst for goodness and for contact with the 'Father' within you, because then you will surely be filled up a hundred times over.
'Blessed are you when you are attacked and robbed because you will see 'God-in-action' when you stand still in perfect trust and see deliverance taking place.
’Blessed are you when you are caught up in conflict, yet you can still care about your fellow man and be the peace maker. You carry the love in your heart which is of the 'Father' and you are truly a child of the 'Father'.
'Blessed are you when you have been deeply wronged by another yet can forgive and can show mercy, abstaining from seeking justice or the means to persecute him. You put yourself directly in harmony with the love which is 'God-active-within you' and even so will you be spared in times of trouble.
'Most blessed of all are the pure in heart, for such as these have rid themselves of all anger, hatred, vindictiveness, unkindness, envy, hardness of heart - and stand before the world as Love made - visible. They will know the Reality called 'God' and they will know the Reality is the 'Father' within them.

Letter 2 - 2-21
'How can I help you see this great truth? How can I help you see the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of God? 'You do not have to look up at the sky because that is not where you will see the activity of the 'Father' so clearly that it must surely reinforce your faith. This is where people, down the centuries, have made the big mistake of turning in towards their dreaming, their imagination, and creating for themselves a Jehovah which does not exist. You will not find the 'Father' some place in the heavens above you. The 'Father' is in no special place but everywhere around you and within everything.
'You can see the 'Father's' marvellous work. Look around you at the growing things, the wheat, the grass, the flowers, the trees and birds, and in every living thing, you will see the mysterious and wonderful work of the 'Father' ceaselessly active. It is here that the 'Father' is perfectly in control. You can see that there is perfect law and order, growth, development, and eventually the harvest to bless both man and beast and birds.
'Consider the way that a man after tilling his fields, will scatter seed over the earth and cover it over. He packs up his tools and goes home, content that eventually, if there is sufficient rain ; there will be food for him to feed his children. For many days, he sleeps and wakes and does nothing more to his plants, but when he visits them he will see the blades of green pushing through the soil. Later, he will return and see the growth of stalks and leaves, and later on again he will see the forming of the seed, and then one day he will see that the grain is plump and golden and ready to harvest. Meanwhile, all this growth has taken place without any help from him. The wheat has grown in a marvellous way that he cannot explain. Is it magic? No, it is the work of the 'Father', the Power, Loving Intelligence throughout the universe, which inspires the work and respires through it; it is the activity of the 'Father' which is the INTELLIGENT LIFE OF THE UNIVERSE.
'When you enter the Kingdom of God, you have a good feeling . You feel happy and joyous. Can you imagine how a woman would feel if she lost a large sum of money and wondered how she would feed her children? The woman of the house would be in tears and would sweep the house so thoroughly that there would not be a speck of dust- then - hidden in a dark corner she finds the treasured piece of silver and immediately her tears are dried, she begins to smile and then feels so alive and so joyous that she rushes out of her house to call in her neighbours to have a celebration party. Where she had thought she had lost everything, she was now rich after all.
'So is it when you find the Kingdom of Heaven - the Kingdom of God. Instead of tears and fears, and hunger and sickness, you find the peace, joy, plenty, and health of the Kingdom of God. You will never experience any kind of lack again.
'The Kingdom of God can also be likened to a very rich man who was a dealer in pearls. All his life, he had wanted to find a special pearl which would outshine all others, it would be flawless and perfect and he would be the envy of every other dealer. One day, he found such a pearl, beautiful beyond imagining, perfect beyond all others. He sold everything he owned, he abandoned all that he had accumulated, to buy this pearl and was happy beyond all dreaming.

Letter 2 - 2-22
'What does this mean? It means that all the things he had previously valued in his life - his richly furnished house, his valuables, his way of life, plenty of food and drink, he gladly gave them all up in order to possess the treasure beyond price - the knowledge leading him into the Kingdom of God where happiness is a state of mind which cannot be touched by the outer world with all its cares and worries.
'The 'Kingdom of God' is within you, you enter the 'Kingdom of God' when you realize fully that the 'Father' is active at all times within you. It is a state of mind, of perception and understanding that the Reality behind and within all things visible, is the 'Father' and is beautiful and perfect and that all the things which are contrary to beauty, harmony, health, abundance are the creations of man's wrong thinking.
'How I have grieved over you who suffer, but you do not need to suffer if you listen to what I have to tell you. But I must warn you that the Path leading into the Kingdom of Heaven is difficult to follow because it means that- first- you have to deal with your 'self'.
'Why is it the 'self' you have to deal with? Because out of your desire to protect and promote your own personal good come all your selfish thoughts, words and actions.
'You will probably ask 'Why should I have to worry about these? If what you say is true, that there is no punishment, that 'God' sees not our evil -then why should we be concerned about the way we behave?' 'There is so much here to be learnt that I hardly know where to begin.
'As I have explained you draw your LIFE from the 'Father', therefore, you draw your capacity to think and love from the 'Father'. Even as 'Father Intelligence' is creative, so is your consciousness creative. With your minds and hearts you actually form the plans of your own lives and experiences.
'And what kind of lives do you plan and form in your minds? If someone annoys or hurts you, you retaliate in some way or another, you believe that if your eye is taken, you must expect the adversary's eye in return. You believe that whoever kills should be killed as punishment and compensation, you believe that whoever robs you should pay the price, that whoever steals your wife, should be stoned along with your wife. You believe in the extraction of payment for every evil thing that comes your way.
Since it is human nature to hurt others, and you have been taught to retaliate, your lives are a continual scene of warfare, warfare in the home amongst husbands, wives, children, and neighbours, and public figures and between nations. Your 'Father' knows nothing of this warfare in your lives, but knows the stress in your minds and bodies arising from this warfare but can do nothing - nothing to ease your pain - until you yourselves stop the warfare. You yourselves must cease your fighting and live in peace with your family, neighbours, employers, public figures and other countries.
'Only then, can the 'Father' LOVE WORK take place in your minds, hearts, bodies, and lives.
'Only then will you be able to recognise and see the Love Work being done in you - and for you by the 'Father'.
’Remember also the great LAW 'YOU REAP EXACTLY AS YOU SOW'.

Letter 2 - 2-23
'You cannot pick figs from brambles, or grapes from thorn trees, or harvest wheat from weeds.
Think about this and understand this parable because it is very important to you - not only today - but also throughout all your days and years to come, even into eternity.
'So, if you want to change your lives- change your thoughts, Change your words arising from those thoughts, Change your actions arising from the thoughts.
'What is in your minds will create all your experiences, your sickness, poverty, unhappiness and despair.' A man shouted out to me: 'Tell us, Teacher, how do we remain peaceful with our neighbours when they, themselves, will give us no peace?' I said to him, smiling: 'When your neighbour comes to you and says he has to travel some distance away and does not want to go alone and asks you to go with him - what do you do?' The man laughed. 'If my neighbour wanted to take me away from what I was doing, I would not be pleased. I would tell him to find some one else to go with him as I was busy.' 'And how would your neighbour feel?' I asked .
The man shrugged. 'I don't know.' 'And next time you needed him to do you a favour, how will he respond to your asking?' The man was no longer laughing. He did not reply.
Another man said: 'He will swear at him and tell him to go elsewhere for help.' I said to the people: 'He has answered rightly. And how will he feel?' I pointed to the man who had first spoken, smiling at him.
A woman shouted above the laughter: 'He will tell everyone he meets what a selfish and miserable neighbour he has. Perhaps he will want to hurt him in some way.' There were shouts of agreement and I nodded: 'Yes, he will have forgotten that he was once asked by his neighbour to walk one or two miles with him and he refused. He will not see the LAW of REAPING and SOWING at work in his life. He set it in motion when he refused to go a mile with his neighbour and now he is reaping of his attitudes and actions. Of what use to be angry when he has created the situation all by himself?' The people laughed and nodded and spoke to one another. Never before had they heard such knowledge of human behaviour. Here was an entirely new teaching.
I said to them: 'I advise you, when your neighbour comes to you asking you to walk a mile with them or anything else that will make him more at ease and happy, first think about what you would like him to do for you if you also have a need? How would you like him to respond to your request?' A murmur swept through the crowd and I could see that they understood what I was telling them.
'In fact, if your neighbour asks you to go one mile, do it with a happy, easy agreement and be prepared to go on to do two miles if necessary. When you refuse people, you do not realise it, but you tighten up your minds and bodies ready to protect yourself from being forced to do something you do not want to do. You tighten up your minds and bodies and the 'Father' is tightened up also and cannot do Its LOVE WORK within you, and out of this tightening comes sickness.

Letter 2 - 2-24
'Again, you may meet someone sorely in need, who is cold and unhappy. He may ask you for your coat.
Don't pass him by, glaring at him.' Some people laughed. They knew this was what they would do. 'No, give him your coat, and if he is really cold , give him your cloak also. Go your way, rejoicing .' 'Rejoicing?' A disbelieving voice asked.
I laughed and said: 'Yes, my friend, -rejoicing! Firstly, because you had a coat and a cloak to give, and then rejoicing because you realise that now you have a lack of a coat and cloak yourself, your 'Father' within you will shortly return the coat and cloak to you in some surprising way. If, however, you give him coat and cloak and then continue walking, grumbling to yourself- 'Now why did I do that? I was foolish.
Now I will be cold instead of him, and people will laugh at me because I have given my coat and cloak and left myself with nothing- and what will my wife say when I get home?' The people were nodding and laughing, enjoying the picture of the man who gives away coat and cloak and then remembers what an evil thing he has done to himself. I knew that very often, they did deprive themselves to help others - and then regretted their generosity afterwards.
I waited a moment and then shouted in a loud voice to get their full attention: 'But have I not told you that you REAP as you SOW? Have I not told you clearly that your thoughts, words, actions create your future circumstances? So what do you want to SOW to REAP after you have given your coat and cloak to the stranger? Do you want your gifts restored to you- or do you want to be without coat and cloak for a long, long time, because that is what will happen to you if go on your way, angry and upset because you gave away your coat and cloak. Your words and actions will seal, make hard like rock, the poverty you have brought upon yourself by giving away your coat and cloak.' The people were no longer smiling and laughing, they were very quiet and listening intently.
'Remember, first do to others what you would have them do to you, then there will be peace and contentment in your minds and hearts and the 'Father' will be able to do Its LOVE WORK within your bodies, minds and hearts. Give and give abundantly, and rejoice that you have gifts to give to those in need, because as you give so will your gifts be restored to you in the way that you most need them. Give with happy hearts, give in the faith and knowledge that where there is lack in your lives, so will the 'Father' do Its LOVE WORK abundantly in you- and for you.
Do nothing with heavy heart because a heavy heart is what you will continue to have.
Give everything with joyous spirit, that everything in your life may bring to you only joy and spiritual insight.' A man commented: 'This is against man's nature. It is natural to be anxious about the future.
Clothes are expensive, food is not easily come by. Life is a constant struggle.' I answered him in a loud voice because he was only saying what I knew most of my listeners were thinking.
'But you do not know for sure that tomorrow you will be struggling to live. You do not know that tomorrow you won't have a splendid job, or any other wonderful thing come your way. You do not know this - but you are making very sure for yourself that there will not be a marvellous job, or some other wonderful opportunity in your life- because you are creating the circumstances of your tomorrows.'

Letter 2 - 2-25
He was angry. 'I am? How am I doing that?' 'Have I not just told you?' I turned to the people laughing. 'Tell me, how has this man, up front, in the red cloak, created his tomorrows?' The crowd was silent, then a very young man, Mark, shouted to me: 'I know. He said he would be struggling to buy food and clothes. You have told us that what we think and talk about is what we will get.' 'Exactly,' I said. 'You are a very clever boy. You have understood. Take care that you do not create for yourself the things you do not want. And I will be happy for you to become my disciple when you are older and your parents will let you go.' Some of the people laughed- but some did not. I could see that they did not believe a word I was saying.
'You will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven by being anxious. If you are having a hard time today, why moan about it? Will it make you feel better if you go about complaining, will your crying brighten your day? And if you are anxious about your tomorrows, you are making your tomorrows burdensome and weary even before you get to them. Why do it? What good will it do for you? When did anxiety ever accomplish anything for you? You might as well try to make yourself taller by being anxious that you are short.
'No, do not dwell on the things you do not have. Dwell on the things which can be yours if you turn to the 'Father' within you and ask in perfect faith, believing you will receive -and I tell you without fear of contradiction, that you will receive. But you must ask properly- believing. You will receive nothing if you ask, but, at the same time, wonder whether you have been heard or whether the 'Father' will feel like giving you what you want. This is the human way of giving, but not the way of the 'Father' which gives abundantly and fulfills your needs.
'The 'Father' always pours Its gift out upon you, gifts of food in plenty, clothes, house, friends, providing you yourself have a clean heart and mind, and providing you constantly rely on the 'Father' as your moment-by-moment support.
'If you pray and do not receive, do not, for one moment, think it is because there is no 'Father', or the 'Father' does not listen to you, rather, you must ask yourselves what is in you that is preventing the 'Father' LOVE WORK being done in and for you.
'If you go to the altar to pray or offer a gift, and on the way there you remember that you have quarrelled with someone, turn around and go to that person and make your peace with him. Then, when you approach the 'Father' in prayer, you will have a clean and pure mind, and you will be heard by the 'Father' and the 'Father' will be able to respond, giving you all you need, in the peace and quietness of your being.
'If you still cannot believe that the 'Father' cares for its creation, look about you at the radiant flowers in the fields, how beautiful they are! Consider the brilliant thought which has gone into their design, their beauty! Where will you find the colours that you see in their petals? With all his wisdom, Solomon himself was not able to have such beautiful clothes made for himself. See the way the flowers attract the bees and the bees help to bring next seasons' seeds, to make your world beautiful and to give you food. Why can you not believe and trust in the 'Father' when the world around you is planned, designed and cared for in such a wonderful way?

Letter 2 - 2-26
'But remember- these living plants and trees, unlike mankind, cannot complain about their lot, and see themselves as hungry and naked, and so they do not 'undo' the work the 'Father' does in them.
’It is you with your continual complaining and talking about what you lack, your aggression towards each other, your insistence on retribution, your criticism and slandering, which makes your lack - and your sickness- consistent, day after day.
'I have told you all these things to prepare you, who are sick, for healing. You cannot be healed unless you believe with all your hearts that healing will take place. Remember that sickness of the body arises from an illness within the mind, such as your bad temper, resentments, angers, hatreds.
'Father Love' is the source of all health, therefore all thoughts and feelings contrary to 'Father Love' bring sickness.
'Just as all your evils and sickness begin in the mind -so does your good.
'Have as much care for your neighbour as you have for yourself.
'Bless your neighbour when you have an argument, pray for him when he is harsh with you, help him out in any way you can at all times, even if he turns his face from you, because then you are constructing good in your mind and thoughts, and good will be the harvest of your sowing. Not only this - you are bringing your mind into harmony and attunement with the 'Father' within you, which is Perfect Love.
Under these conditions, the 'Father' can do Its perfect LOVE WORK in you.' When I had finished speaking, the people brought their sick to me and according to their faith were they healed.

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