noun: the quality of being universal; existing everywhere
adjective: able to be everywhere at the same time

"Likewise, 50,000,000 people like you can hear and see the same events from 50,000,000 different pinpoints of space upon this planet. Does not that teach you a lesson in the universality and omnipresence of all things?" [Atomic Suicide, page 153]

"As long as man continues to think of his body as being his individuality he will think individually, rather than universally. When he, at long last, discovers his eternal Self to be the projector of his own body, and is making himself in his own image, he will then know his universality, his Oneness with all Creation. He can never thereafter think of himself as an individual and will so act in all of his transactions in relation to his Oneness with all other men." [Atomic Suicide, page 265-266]

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