13.00 - Universal Rotation

Everything in the universe rotates about its axis and revolves around a center. We can see this in a planet spinning upon its axis and orbiting around its controlling star or sun. The keyboard on your desk does not appear to be rotating but in fact it does rotate along with everything else in your office - relativistically speaking. This means when viewed relative to the objects in your office it does not appear to be rotating. But when viewed relative to the Sun we can see you, the keyboard and your office are rotating about the earth's axis at about 24,000 mph while at the same time the earth is orbiting the Sun at roughly 65,000 mph while our entire solar system is orbiting about the Great Central Sun at around 250,000 mph. Because of the relative motions these spins and orbits are not circles but complex spirals. While a straight and fixed line can be drawn relativistically between two or more co-traveling objects a straight but not fixed line can be drawn between two or more isolated objects.

Everything from atoms to galaxies rotate and orbital revolution. Therefore rotation and orbital revolution are natural and universal principles and perhaps even "properties" of all material objects. I makes one wonder just what is it that reaches hundreds of millions of light years across billions and billions of stars and perpetuates their relative positions, motions and velocities.

Electricity as Charged Life
Electricity as Discharged Death
Figure 13.01a - Left: Countless Spinning Stars about their common Neutral Center.
Figure 13.01b - Right: Two Galaxies spinning near each other.

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