19.01 - Introduction - Rotation is a universal phenomena

Rotation is a universal phenomena. We see rotation in quantum particles, rotating atoms and molecules, tornadoes and hurricanes, planets and the awesome galaxies spinning eternally throughout the universe. Keely apparently learned the cause of universal rotation and built his musical dynaspheres (also called globe, engine, revolving globe, globe motor, spinning motor, musical globe and musical sphere motors) to demonstrate the principles involved. These marvelous devices contain what Keely claimed as his greatest discovery - a Neutral Center. Conventional science would like to call an activated center a "Black Hole" and yet they know nothing about the science or dynamics of these mysterious and theoretical "Black Holes". Keely understood the Neutral Center sufficiently to build devices to demonstrate and utilize them in a practical sense. The Neutral Center is not a Black Hole as conventionally understood. It appears a Neutral Center does no swallow matter but instead transforms energy in one state to another state. This is especially true of vibratory and oscillatory energy phenomena. The Neutral Center has also been called the consciousness and heart of the dynaspheres. In my book Atlin - Knowing I Am much has been written about these two Neutral Center characteristics.

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