Expanding, Dispersive, Entropy, Energy. This term, used repeatedly by Russell, would be less confusing if it were called "radial-active". This term also used quite often by Cayce.

"All form is produced by the male, electro-positive, plus action of the charging, electric oscillation of the universal life principle, is destroyed by the female, electro-negative, minus reaction of the discharging, magnetic oscillation, and is reproduced through the union of both by radio-active regeneration in inertia." [Russell, (Book 1 Chapter 8 of The Universal One)]

On the lucistrust.org web site all the Bailey books can be searched. One quote about Keely is from THE CONCIOUSNESS OF THE ATOM:

"It is obvious to most thinkers that science, [131] having begun the study of radio-activity, is on the verge of discovering what is the nature of the power within the atom itself; it is very probable that before long we shall harness the energy of atomic matter for every conceivable purpose, for heating, for lighting, and for what I might call the motivation of everything that is carried on in the world. That force, as some of us know, was nearly discovered in the United States fifty years ago by a man called Keely, but he was not allowed to give it out to the world because of the danger thereby involved. Men are as yet far too selfish to be trusted with the distribution of atomic energy. That discovery will probably parallel the development of group consciousness. Only when man becomes radio-active and can work and think in group terms, will it be safe or wise for him to utilise the power latent in the atom. Everything in nature is beautifully co-ordinated, and nothing can be discovered or utilised before the right time. Only as man becomes unselfish will this tremendous power be permitted to pass into his hands. Nevertheless, we can, I believe, look to science to make tremendous strides in the comprehension of atomic energy."

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