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"It is evident that an acquaintance with natural laws means no less than an acquaintance with the mind of God therein expressed." [James Prescott Joule]

"Joseph Cook affirms that as science progresses it draws nearer in all its forms to the proof of the spiritual origin of force - that is of the Divine immanence in natural law: and that God was not transiently present in nature - that is, in a mere creative moment; nor has He left the world in a state of orphanage, bereft of a deific influence and care, but He is immanent in nature, as the Apostle Paul and Aratus and Spinoza declared." [True Science]



The Coulomb law statement that opposites attract and likes repel is not true to Natural law. [A New Concept of the Universe, page 18]

The potential differences in constant existence between inner and outer temperatures are none other than forms of energy, which complete the cycle of water and at the same time kindle it anew.

Evolutionary manifestations are therefore,
1. of material, and
2. of immaterial nature.

Stone, plant, animal, human being, planet and Sun are organisms possessed of body and soul. Every ray of light or heat requires a physical form in which it can evolve, or organise itself. Every body requires an inner energy that builds it up or transforms it. When a body disintegrates then those energies


that created it will again be freed. They are never lost. If they lose their place of abode with the decaying of the body, then they are willingly taken up by the water that eternally circulates in, on and above the Earth and which conducts them once more to a new life. Therefore wherever we look there is life, constant formation and transformation. Should we look into apparent emptiness, then a sea of spiritual life, passed and future generations, returns our gaze. Every material form of vegetation is always the reflection of an immaterial form consisting of light, heat and radiation.

Every change in sphere changes the outer and inner relations of the whole, changes the weight and the intensity of the inner radiation of water and thus the direction in which this carrier of life moves. Disturbances to the inner and outer conformities with natural law lead to a disturbance in the organisation of the whole evolution of life. The disappearance of water or its substantial transformation is a very serious warning sign, because the character of the water also changes with its inner composition, and with this the character of all forms of life, including human-beings. The qualitative decline of the vegetation and above all the deterioration of the highest plant-organism - the forest, the psychic and moral degeneration of humankind, are only the legitimate consequence of the disturbance of the physical composition of water and the disruption of the geosphere occasioned by humanity's subversive activity in the organism of the Earth.

What we are experiencing today is no crisis, but rather the demise of the whole, i.e. the qualitative, physical degeneration of all organisms, brought into effect through the disturbance of Nature's water-balance. In step with this devolution goes the moral, mental and spiritual collapse of humanity, which has already reached such an advanced state, that despite all warning signs people still do not recognise the seriousness of the situation. Worse than animals, they seek their final salvation in the decimation of humanity with weapons of war, that our priests even bless along with the banners under which our children are supposed to bleed to death.

The decision, whether we take the latter path or whether at the final hour we can protect ourselves from our own self-mutilation, only lies with us, or with those men of science and the state, who take upon themselves an altogether appalling responsibility, when out of personal interest, with no consideration of the gravity of the situation and being incapable of bringing any effective help, they continue to adhere to their present point of view. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, Conclusions]

All today's expansion-explosion machines, pressure turbines, etc. generate decomposive energies that function reactively, and as a result and in conformity with natural law, regressive development is inevitable throughout the whole course of development. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Catalysts]

The crowning law of today's technology is therefore no natural law, but the biological consequence of a tragic error of contemporary science. For if the naturalesque metabolic process is initiated through equally naturalesque impulses (il primo movere), then as the velocity increases owing to the additional input from the inwinding rotary current, the power increases by the square. The outcome of this developmental process is an almost cost-free, development-promoting mechanical power - the evolving water (viz. the atomised water vapour). [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Life-Current in Air and Water]

"Joy and melancholy, virtue and vice, are as much the consequences of natural law as the falling of a stone or the growth of a flower."—C. Watts. [Harmonies of Tones and Colours, Reflections on the Scheme2, page 44]

The natural law, as America’s Founding Fathers understood it, is simply that portion of the law of God that could be discerned through unassisted reason, without reference to any particular revelation.

Alexander Hamilton noted that the natural law was “an eternal and immutable law, which is, indispensably, obligatory upon all mankind, prior to any institution whatever.”

The natural law is a standard of political right that transcends the constitutions and statutes of particular regimes. This means it can be used as a basis for evaluating the actions of governments and rulers, and any that violate the natural law are to that extent immoral and unjust.

The natural law provides a higher-law foundation for resistance to oppression, giving such resistance a moral validity that it could not possess otherwise.

A right to revolution is unintelligible apart from the law of nature.

Hamilton asserted that “when the first principles of civil society are violated, and the rights of the whole people are invaded, the common forms of municipal law are not to be regarded. Men may betake themselves to the law of nature.”

The right of revolution is an appeal to the law of nature against the injustice of the existing government.

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is a legacy of this understanding, as it enables the ordinary citizen to defend his own rights against anyone who would seek to violate them, whether common criminal, foreign invader, or the citizen’s own government.

Under the right circumstances, revolution is not only a right but a duty. When the train of abuses is long, and the people are clearly being crushed into servitude, and those who would resist have a reasonable chance of success, revolution becomes an obligation.

America’s Founding Fathers understood themselves as revolutionaries, and as they understood the term, they certainly were.

In “Federalist No. 43,” James Madison justifies even the peaceful supplanting of the Articles of Confederation with the Constitution in revolutionary terms, “by recurring to the absolute necessity of the case; to the great principle of self-preservation; to the transcendent law of nature and of nature’s God, which declares that the safety and happiness of society are the objects at which all political institutions aim and to which all such institutions must be sacrificed.”

Any rejection of one political system and its replacement with another, on the grounds that the former does not adequately secure the inalienable natural rights of the people, is an exercise of the right of revolution.

The American Revolution was a true landmark in human history.

It demonstrated to the world that a people can not only overthrow an existing regime but also successfully establish a free, peaceful, and functional government of their own.

The American Revolution is no less a revolution for not having devolved into terror, war, and catastrophic social upheaval.

Americans grounded their revolution in the eternal principles of natural law and natural right, and in so doing provided a roadmap for all who would reclaim the liberty that God has granted them, but which their government is systemically unable or unwilling to secure. https://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index3578.htm

Rosicrucian Manuscript
"Natural Law is that law or set of laws decreed in “the beginning” by the Divine Mind as the working basis of all creation and without which no manifestation can occur and exist. It is universal in scope and manner of operation, simple and direct. Natural Law is always constructive even when it seems indisputably destructive. It is the expression or manifestation of Cosmic energy and order that humanity is able to discern. There is no such thing as supernatural law. There is nothing more divine than nature, nothing super beyond the natural. The greatest of miracles are not the result of some supernatural law, but of natural law." [Rosicrucian Manuscript]

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