Perpetual Motion

Perpetual Motion
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"Keely did not seek to invent, nor did he claim to have invented, perpetual motion." Snell Manuscript

"In the conception of any machinery heretofore, the medium for inducing a neutral center has never been found. If it had, the difficulties of perpetual motion seekers would have ended and this problem would have become an established fact, requiring only an introductory impulse to cause it to run for centuries. I did not seek to attain perpetual motion, but a circuit is formed that actually has a neutral center, which is in a condition to be vivified by my vibratory ether, and while under operation by said substance is really a machine that is virtually independent of the mass (or globe) and it is the wonderful velocity of the vibratory circuit which makes it so. Still, with all its perfection, it requires to be fed with the vibratory ether to make it an independent motor." [Keely, THE NEUTRAL CENTER]

’’"I shall not forestall an unproved conclusion, but fight step by step the dark paths I am exploring, knowing that, should I succeed in proving one single fact in science heretofore unknown, I shall in so doing be rewarded in the highest degree. In whatever direction the human mind travels it comes quickly to a boundary line which it cannot pass. There is a knowable field of research, bordered by an unknown tract. My experience teaches me how narrow in the strip of territory which belongs to the knowable, how very small the portion that has been traversed and taken possession of. The further we traverse this unknown territory, the stronger will become our faith in the immovable order of the world; for, at each advancing step, we find fresh fruits of the immutable laws that reign over all things,- from the falling apple, up to the thoughts, the words, the deeds, the will of man: and we find these laws irreversible and eternal, order and method reigning throughout the universe. Some details of this universal method have been worked up, and we know them by the names of 'gravitation,' 'chemical affinity,' 'nerve-power,' etc. These material certainties are as sacred as moral certainties. . . . The nearest approaches to a certainty is made through harmony with nature's laws. The surest media are those which nature has laid out in her wonderful workings. The man who deviates from these paths will suffer the penalty of a defeat, as is seen in the record of 'perpetual motion' seekers. I have been classed with such dreamers; but I find consolation in the thought that it is only by those men who are utterly ignorant of the great and marvellous truths which I have devoted my life to demonstrate and to bring within reach of all. I believe the time is near at hand when the principles of etheric evolution will be established, and when the world will be eager to recognize and accept a system that will certainly create a revolution for the highest benefits of mankind, inaugurating an era undreamed of by those who are now ignorant of the existence of this etheric force."'' [Keely, Progressive Science]

"Mr. Keely, at that time, wrote of those who called him a perpetual motion seeker:- "I console myself by thinking that if they were not ignorant of the grand truths which I am devoting my life to develop into a system, they could never bring forward such an absurd charge. Perpetual motion is against nature, and it is only by following nature's laws that I can ever hope to reach the goal I am aiming to reach." [Helpers on the Road and Hinderers]

"The revolving globe was never created to be the "source of power" and Keely never affirmed that he could produce with it "an indefinite amount of horse power without current expense." [KEELYS SECRETS - 1888]

The concept of so-called perpetual motion has been claimed to have been investigated by conventional engineering. Classical thermodynamics deals with closed systems. Legitimate and working over-unity devices are open systems and hence outside the classical definition of closed systems and therefore any association with perpetual motion. See Bearden's book Energy from the Vacuum for a more precise discussion of open and closed thermodynamic systems as also his thorough discussion of actual perpetual motion here. See also Open System and Closed System and Second Law of Thermodynamics for a clear presentation on known perpetual motion systems.

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Conventional science recognizes three types of so-called Perpetual Motion:

  • Perpetual Motion of the First Kind

(PHYS) A mechanism which, when set in motion, continues to do useful work without an input of energy, or which produces more energy than is absorbed in its operation; it violates the principle of conservation of energy.

  • Perpetual Motion of the Second Kind

(PHS) A device that extracts heat from a source and then converts this heat completely into other forms of energy; it violates the second law of thermodynamics.

  • Perpetual Motion of the Third Kind

(PHS) A device which has a component that can continue moving forever; an example is a superconductor. (McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science & Technology)

A careful review of the above premises indicates
1) in the first it is a CLOSED SYSTEM such as a mechanical device isolating gravity and scalar forces cannot run continuously;
2) complete conversion of one form of energy into another is not likely given our current state of technology; and
3) terms have not been defined. For example what does "forever" mean? Could six to fourteen billion years be considered "forever" as in the earth spinning continuously, which it has done? Besides all that, heat is an EFFECT and not a CAUSE. What conventional engineering could do, if they weren't so anal-retentive, is to investigate such cases of CONTINUOUS motion within an OPEN system and find out why and how they are what they are and do what they do.

Of course, it is far easier to label things not understood as fraud or scam and wave them off than to admit an incomplete knowledge base; i.e., the presumption is We know everything there is to know about everything there is so stop already with the unanswerable and embarassing questions.

Thousands of engineers have checked out this particular device and not a single one can say why and how it works - even though it has been working for the past 30 or so years. Obviously they are so fanatical with their beliefs they cannot see with new eyes. I don't know why it does what it does and many of those who've actually looked at it and are honest and have integrity admit they don't know either. Of course, the dogmatic pontificators already know it is a fraud so why waste their so incredibly valuable time and 'expertise' to actually investigate it?


We do know this device is an OPEN system therefore Perpetual Motion of the First Kind does not apply. Apparently there is ample outside energy (scalar) coming into the system to power it - or if you have a better idea??? This device does not convert heat so Perpetual Motion of the Second Kind does not apply. Perpetual Motion of the Third Kind does not apply because none of its components can move forever (whatever that means) because being mechanical they would wear out and cease to move. Obviously what components do move are moved by an outside force (scalar) made use of by its design and mechanisms. These being the case this device is NOT a perpetual motion machine in any sense of that phrase as defined by conventional and accepted engineering and yet it moves continuously.

But as Galileo said "Yet it does move!"

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BC Perpetual Motion

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This two-fold interplay of perpetual motion can be directly observed and studied in deep, cool cellars, for through differences in temperature, what has grown large in the Sun and then reduced in size by squashing, will be moved 'cycloidally' in the cellar. First refined, then made 'cloudy', it slowly becomes clear after termination of this adolescent period. This is how wise Nature operates, who is known to have unlimited developmental periods at her disposition for all things. We, poor souls, to whom only a single, unique life is available in which we will also be forced to make use of cycloid-space-curve-motion in order to alleviate almost intolerable reactive energies through their abreaction, will have to behave more sensibly in order to become somewhat more blissful while still on this Earth than has been the case due to the efforts of 'active' technicians. In other words, we must reverse the way things are done. Cycloid-space-curve-motion must therefore be given pride of place, which logically leads to the almost cost-free mechanical generation of reactive differences in potential, which in turn give rise to increased and intensified active differences in motion. Harnessed once more, these trigger further high-grade differences in potential of a reactive nature, and so on and so forth until temperatures and reactive forces of such a kind are triggered that it is a veritable art to devise an operating load heavy enough to brake and control these elemental suctional and pressural forces. At the right time, therefore, we must keep our eyes open for the specialists and experts, who function as super-brakes on development!! Most certainly, however, we must replace those, who today brake the normal course of development with the reversed interplay of forces, which they do in such a way as to increase and intensify precisely those kinds of energy that promote decomposition and the expulsion of what is unsuitable for further development. In so doing they trigger a form of perpetual motion, because here too the self-intensifying decomposive and repulsive forces also increase by the square owing to the cycloid-space-curve-motion of the Earth. Sadly they do not see what they have themselves created, namely boundless decline and disintegration instead of an equally [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, New Forms of Motion and Energy]

_boundless self-intensifying formative build-up, which also results from the universally operating cycloid-space-curve-motion. This would happen merely by reversing the process that they and physico-technical science teach in school and church alike. Consequently - and one can believe it or not - there are two marvellously functioning forms of perpetual motion that direct and produce the eternal coming into being and passing away. For a change, it would be worth setting the other in motion, in order - as already stated - to become somewhat more blissful while actually on Earth than we are under the direction of those who, apart from heating our living spaces unnaturally, also commit all manner of other blunders, for which the present state of affairs is proof. And thus on the next and final page everyone can seek out for themselves what best pleases or appeals to them. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, New Forms of Motion and Energy]

"In the outbirth of water we have to differentiate between two different kinds. Namely water as a carrier-substance that contains predominantly negative potentialities (substances attuned to earth frequencies) or predominantly positive potentialities (substances attuned to air frequencies). The former are to be viewed as upwardly-impelling geospheric instrumentalities and the latter as downwardly-impelling atmospheric instrumentalities. The former refine and exalt the higher-grade constituents, i.e. they serve the build-up of levitative potencies. The latter serve to cleanse the atmosphere of suspended matter, which as threshold substances still possess too little self-weight and too high a quota of levitative essences and can neither rise nor fall. It is these threshold substances that can be transformed and exalted through cycloid-space-curve motion. From a practical point of view, this is only possible through their co-oscillation with their respective carrier-substances, be it air or water. This leads to a build-up of those substances incapable of further development, resulting in a renewed intensification of the differences in potential through the spacial separation of the difference-substances. The end result is an increased motive force. This explains the concept of perpetual motion in its most natural sense." [Viktor Schauberger, Implosion Magazine, No. 118, p. 8.] [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, THE NATURE OF WATER - ITS CONDUCTION AND USE FOR TRANSPORT]

Nikola Tesla
"There are ample writings acknowledging that there is unlimited energy in the Universe, but to say one is able to tap this supply is another matter. If I tell you there is water, good cold water, in a glass on your table, but you cannot drink it for a million years, what would you think? You know how to get the water out of a glass. Well, it is as easy to tap this energy now out in space as it will be in a million years from now. If it can be done then, it can be done now.

For me to go into a technical account of how to harness this energy, would mean the writing of volumes. The whole thing might be said in the few words of Nikola Tesla: "Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic?

If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic and this we know it is for certain, then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.

This I have been able to do through the use of certain valves and oscillators that I have made and of which doctors of science have said are the most powerful devices known to science today. When an elastic substance is subjected to strain and then set free, one of two things happens. The substance may slowly recover from the strain and gradually attain its natural state, or the elastic recoil may carry it past its position of equilibrium and cause it to execute a series of oscillations. In ordinary language there may be a continuous flow of energy in one direction until the discharge is completed, or an oscillating discharge may occur.

That is, the first flow may be succeeded by a back-rush, as if the first discharge had overrun itself and something like a recoil set in. The device thus becomes more or less charged again in the opposite sense, and a second discharge occurs accompanied by a second back-rush, the oscillations going on until the energy is either radiated or used up in the heating of the conductors. And if your device will oscillate in harmony with the oscillations of the Universe, or in other words, if the device is capable of synchronization with the vibrations of that energy through space, them the oscillations will go on forever. No one can call such an arrangement perpetual motion any more than one can call the motion of the earth perpetual motion.

My device oscillates because of the oscillations of the Universe caused by the disintegration of matter." [Nikola Tesla]

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