universal attraction


The action of Nature's sympathetic flows regulates the differential oscillatory range of motion of the planetary masses as regards their approach toward and recession from each other. These flows may also be compared to the flow of the magnet which permeates the field, existing between the molecules themselves, sensitising the combined neutral centres of the molecules without disturbing, in the least, the visible molecular mass itself. In the planetary masses - balanced as it were in the scales of universal space, floating like soap-bubbles in a field of atmospheric air, the concentration of these sympathetic streams evolves the universal power which moves them in their oscillating range of motion to and from each other. This sympathetic triple stream focalises and defocalises on the neutrals of all such masses polarising and depolarising, positive and negative action, planetary rotation, etc., etc.. It is thus that all the conditions governing light, heat, life, vegetation, motion, are all derived from the velocity of the positive and negative interchange of celestial sympathy with the terrestrial.

Every harmonious condition of Nature's evolutions is governed by one incontrovertible law; that of concordant assimilative harmony. This concordant key is the ruling one over all the antagonistic, negative, discordant ones; the one that diverts the disturbance of sympathetic equilibrium to one general concentrative centre for redistribution. Harmony concentrates, Harmony distributes. The focalising point of concordant sympathetic concentration is the percussive electric field, where the velocity of its sympathetic streams rebounds with a power that throws them far out into universal space; and so far beyond their equative centre of equilibrium, as to bring them in sympathy with the universal attraction of the combined neutral centres of all planetary masses. KEELY. [True Science]

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