universal vacuum

"My own Cosmic illumination which told me of the omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence of space, instead of its presumed emptiness, was that knowledge which you will find amply revealed in this book, wherein we term it THE UNIVERSAL VACUUM." [Atomic Suicide, page xxxiv]

"Matter is motion. The anti-matter, which now engages the serious attention of science, is stillness. Some scientists say it is pure energy. If matter, which is but motion, is energy, and anti-matter, which is not motion, is pure energy, what kind of energy is that which is impure? What does it mean? The time has come when it is imperative that science must divorce motion and energy as one identity, and regard matter as but the product of the Energy Source.

We wish to demonstrate to you that the anti-matter stillness, which science is discovering, is the Creator's Energy Source. Yes - there is an invisible zero universe. It is the Mind-universe of Magnetic Light. For scientific purposes in explaining the construction of matter, we will name it the omnipresent universal vacuum. The universal vacuum is the expansion end of the universal piston, and gravity is the compression end." [Atomic Suicide, page 81]

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