The Universal Vacuum

"My own Cosmic illumination which told me of the omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence of space, instead of its presumed emptiness, was that knowledge which you will find amply revealed in this book, wherein we term it THE UNIVERSAL VACUUM." [Atomic Suicide, page xxxiv]

"Another dangerous misconception is evidenced in the commonly used term: ". . . releases an extraordinary amount of energy." Energy is not released. What actually happens is that potential is released, not energy - and that means expansion. Atomic fission helps matter to explode instantly instead of decaying over long periods. "Released energy" means quick expansion, and quick expansion into the universal vacuum is the death process of any kind of material body, whether it be iron, carbon or a human blood corpuscle. That conception which gives to energy the quality of expanding or contracting, is one of the contributing factors to the deadliness of radioactivity as a power for man's use. Energy is changeless. It is the eternal vacuum of the zero universe - God's universe. To confuse the compressive power of electricity to create potential for the purpose of simulating energy, with energy itself, it extremely unfortunate." [Atomic Suicide, page 49]

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