electrical particle

"Your own strong 'consciousness impulses' are life impulses.
They are highly creative electro-magnetic impulses!
When they are of a virulent - violent - aggressive - murderous nature - they emit electrical particles of virulent, violent, aggressive, murderous CONSCIOUSNESS which take form as virulent viruses in the air, spreading from one innocent person to another.
What is born and nurtured in the diseased mind eventually takes on form in the physical world." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 1, page 4]

"As I revealed to you in Letter 1, during the time I received full illumination in the desert, I was shown that 'matter' was not really solid. I was not given to understand exactly how the electrical particles which I termed the 'shimmer of motes' took on the appearance of visible 'matter'. I only knew that these 'motes' were moving at high frequencies of speed within 'GOD MIND' and 'GOD MIND' was therefore universal.
I perceived that 'GOD MIND' was both the creator - and substance - of all things within creation itself. Of this, I was absolutely certain.
I also 'saw' very clearly that human thought, when fraught with conviction or emotion, radically affected this process of materialisation of visible forms.
Therefore the human mind could - and did - interfere with the true intention of 'GOD MIND'." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5, page 6]

"There is nothing that electromagnetism has brought into visible being which the human mind can deem to be lacking purpose or meaning.
Science ignores this most basic and vital level of creation. Without an answer to this question, as to why everything which has been brought into visible manifestation by the activity of the twin energies of electromagnetism is invariably purposeful, successful and rational - nothing of any value in the search for your origins will be discovered.
Until science can probe and discover the 'Reality' of the 'space' in which electrical particles of 'visible being' are supported, science will forever remain behind locked doors of materialism. It will be barred to eternal Truth and universal wisdom and imprisoned within the bondage of reason alone - reason which is solely the product of the finite activity of brain cells.

It is to the true nature of the SPACE I intend to introduce you - but before proceeding to this, I must first bring many highly pertinent questions to your attention." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5, page 8]

"Fifthly, I have come expressly to help science bridge the gulf between UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS and the appearance of electrical particles. Without this bridge between the Unseen Spiritual Dimension and the Seen world of 'matter', science will remain rooted in old ideas and concepts instead of moving forward into new realms of spiritual/scientific research for the betterment of mankind." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5, page 15]

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