Apparatus for Transmitting Electrical Energy - 1119732

It is not known why this patent was taken out so long after the Wardenclyffe project itself had been shut down. From 1907 on, equipment "leaked" out of the laboratory on Long Island in various ways, including by a few court orders. We know that in 1911 Nikola Tesla spent some time in court defending himself against numerous financial demands, and equipment in that laboratory was considered valuable enough for the heirs of George Westinghouse to claim and eventually remove. This patent is evidence that by 1914 Nikola Tesla had not yet given up on the dream of free wireless electricity transmission for everyone.

The text is short, and the fact that materials are not specified can be frustrating. This means we need to make many experiments with optimum materials for these purposes. However, this patent is the basic principle behind the whole system, and it will be valid forever. Of course when built on a small scale, this is a Tesla Coil. You can generate a lot of pretty sparks with one. Or, you can use this knowledge to help save the planet. [Source unknown]

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