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The SVPwiki is a tool to help you Awaken your inner Genius and Happiness and to give you the background foundational knowledge and technical know-how to develop abundant, cheap, clean energy sources our world so desperately needs. We explore the fantastic scientific knowledge of John Keely, Nikola Tesla, Walter Russell and others and correlate their work to current science and physics. See our Mission Statement. Some sections of this wiki are restricted to registered members/subscribers. To access these restricted sections you need to subscribe.

Wow Dale, amazing work!

We are so lucky to have you in this world. You have set so many (all) stepping stones on the SVP path. Sorta reminds me when I’m hiking a trail in the mountains, and I stop to think about who took the time to cut and clear the trail. All that time, effort and work - so people have a clear path along their journey. What a massive undertaking. I’m humbled. [JP]

Thank you Dale Pond

[Jeremy Pfeiffer]

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