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Man and Cosmos

The world is in a mess because of the way we have been thinking and doing things. There are better ways. When individuals have greater Awareness they have access to their inner Genius and the Creative Force. This will allow development of abundant, cheap and clean energy and a better way of life. The SVPwiki provides the tools to awaken your latent Whole Mind. The awakening mind of humanity - one individual at a time - is paving the way to a New Era of Consciousness. The Mind of man has been bound and crippled and made to focus on the Effects of natural forces such that humanity believes what it sees with its physical eyes and interpreted through ego instead of knowing the Causative elements which can only be known in Consciousness. Genius is evidence of a greater knowing and awareness of the fundamental essence of Creation and the Causative Forces at work in life - which is the Wisdom of Deity operating through the Wisdom and Mind of man.

Mankind cannot create through ego or intellect. These disconnected segments of Consciousness can only duplicate or fabricate facsimile of that which is real. The Creative Genius, working with Cause, can invent new solutions, determine clear direction and expand the achievements and future of a more abundant, free and happier society.

The SVPwiki is comprised of three main foci.
  1. Keely's science of Mind (Scalar Forces) and Philosophy.
  2. Science and philosophy of others that supports or validates this higher science.
  3. Methods to excite and awaken one's higher mind functions because Keely's Science cannot be grasp by the intellect alone.

Sympsionics Project We live in a time where our deepest fears are continually augmented by a steady stream of media, books, movies, advertising and 24/7 news infiltrating our dream states and reinforcing dangerous archetypal beliefs. Thus the consensus fiber of fear-based reality is woven into our very own thought processes.

When individuals are free of fear they have greater awareness and access to their inner genius and creative force. This allows development of real solutions for healing, restoration, expansion and distribution of cheap, abundant, clean energy, as well as ultimately improved ways of living and being. We are now aware of our electromagnetic energy fields, the importance of our neurobiology and biochemistry, becoming increasingly aware that there is a science to spirituality that affects our consciousness. Taking this further, we are making the connection between the human mind and body; that they are not separate from the environment and that this consciousness may be central in shaping our world. Science continues to prove what ancient myth and religion have always espoused; that there is a mind force accessible to everyone.

As Humanity awakens to this new awareness; we are driven to gain mastery over our own inner workings. With this knowledge we can discover how to co-create new paradigms; both in where we find ourselves today and in preparation for what lies ahead. In order to realize our spiritual identity, the I am, we are beginning to understand that our physical being and daily experience is not separate from that identity. It is through embodiment of our full Human potential that an ever-expanding conscious evolution allows us to transcend fear-based reality and realize our oneness with the very force of creation itself,

The Sympsionics / Pond Science Institute is an initiative driven to prepare individuals to bring actual, divine knowledge into the world. From its campus in La Junta, Colorado, the institute intends to launch scientists and researchers, mechanics and engineers, naturopaths and physicians, 3D CAD specialists and designers, organizational experts and others to provide access to natural, source intelligence. Destined to forge new dimensions in energy applications, alternative health, science, philosophy, and geometric design; individuals will be invited to question everything. To reconsider the basics of physics, biology, the role of DNA, the relationship between mind and matter and how our beliefs about nature and human nature shape our culture, our lives. This unique center of creativity equipped with proven invaluable resources, will cultivate individuals' latent abilities to develop curriculum and interact collectively on projects through the omniscient awareness inherent within a perpetual community.

A Transformation of Mind The statistics of the cost of energy and health care in the US alone illustrates an urgency for entirely new ways of being. Americans now spend over 10 percent of US Gross Domestic product on petroleum based products. Energy prices, like health care, have profound effects on individuals, families and communities. In light of a shortage of oil resources, both in China and globally, the rising demand for oil in China will severely strain the balance of national and international oil supply and demand. Oil use and C02 emissions have become major international concerns and It is well known that policies which promote energy price increases result in negative consequences to all living things, not just economies. Likewise, a full 16% of U.S. GOP is spent on Health Care. By 2015, that number is expected to reach 20%, or $4 trillion per year. Each year over 650,000 Americans die of heart disease, 550,000 of cancer. Over half of Americans suffer chronic illness such as allergies, pain, hypertension and depression.

While there have been great discoveries in some fields, such as renewable energy, increased energy efficiency, inventive surgeries, and pharmaceuticals; according to the World Health Organization, poverty, disease and chronic illness continues to escalate. Western industries continue to allocate only small percentages of profit toward exploration of alternative energies while earning ever-increasing annual profits. Interestingly, many individuals around the world are driving automobiles less frequently and seeking energy efficient communities and lifestyles that are not dependent on carbon based fuels. Similarly, because western medicine often cannot provide satisfactory solutions to chronic illness and life-threatening diseases. Many across the planet are turning to alternative remedies and therapies such as acupuncture, mind connected to body techniques, homeopathy and massage.

At the same time, pioneering new explorations are underway about the interaction between mind and body and the processes by which cells receive information. These studies illustrate that genes and DNA alone do not control our biology, but are rather affected by signals from outside the cell, including energetic messages emanating from our own thoughts. Research into the energetics of water reveals that humans impact their surroundings by their beliefs. Each of these discoveries brings forth the realization that we all have more power than we have realized. We can actually create energy; heal ourselves, our loved ones and even our communities. By meeting this responsibility collectively; we, as a great co-creative power can improve our world through the invention of new solutions, determine clear direction and expand toward a future of greater abundance, real freedom, genuine happiness and unconditional love.

Why we care: Earth Forever

Our Mission The mission of the Sympsionics / Pond Science Institute is to provide the highest caliber of science and philosophy education for gifted youth, scientists, engineers, health practitioners and researchers from around the world, so that they may inspire full human potential, through the creation of entirely new paradigms relevant to the interconnectedness of all creation.

To achieve this mission, PSI has identified six goals:

  • PSI will identify and attract the most talented young students from around the world while striving to ensure that financial considerations are not a deterrent to their enrollment.
  • PSI will provide an educational environment that fosters the scientific, philosophic, intellectual, and personal growth of its students: preparing them to to embrace the divine matrix of essence and form, that is the multi-dimensional body, mind and spirit which defines the Human as an instrument of light and love.
  • PSI will continue to elevate its educational, scientific and philosophical standards, remaining responsive to changes in consciousness worldwide.
  • PSI will continue to attract and retain renowned faculty members in all disciplines, by providing a collaborative work environment and involving them fully in the scientific, philosophic and educational life of the community.
  • PSI will uphold its commitment to the diversity of its community by fostering an environment inclusive, supportive, and welcoming to all.
  • PSI will take an active role in shaping the future of science and philosophy by providing exemplary science, engineering and philosophy education programs to the community and encouraging its students to serve as advocates for science and philosophy in society.

Learning The learning center may exist initially on our campus in La Junta, CO. Learning will be fully supported before the campus is fully developed through powerful online resources including the existing and greatly expanded wikis, and up-coming multimedia resources which includes videos, galleries and interactive forums. The learning center could be composed of three systems:

1.) An independent school for high-school level and beyond students that provides an accelerated, experiential curriculum with a strong foundation in conscious awareness and emotional intelligence. Based on research in neuroscience, the school's mission will be to teach students to initiate change within themselves and into the world by focusing on subject areas including life, consciousness, the sciences, reality, logic and critical thinking, genetic and conscious evolution, sacred geometry, ancient wisdom, the physical, theatrical and creative arts.

2.) A university open to individuals of all ages that supports initiatives in alternative energy creation and revolutionary health sciences which only asks its students to question everything. This unique center of creativity equipped with proven, invaluable resources, will clarify the different levels of consciousness and how they are related to human interaction. Students and faculty will co-create curriculum and interact on projects. The collaborative nature of the learning center provides opportunities for "teachers" to learn from their students. Each of these learning institutions will be hands-on centers for learning that will develop advancing curriculum in the fields of research and design, product development and prototyping, process and service consulting. Each of these would be autonomous or semi-autonomous entities, yet fully collaborative and interacting, For instance, students will participate in R&D; while the R&D people will teach students: exemplifying that we are all learners and teachers.

All classes will be offered online for free to extend technology knowledge and skills beyood the campus to the entire world.

3.) A unique, theatre based, open forum learning arena; that invites participants to share knowledge through live forums and dialogue with experts, travelers, writers and others relevant to their specific fields. These forums, similar - yet quite different to the TED talks series, would allow questions to be asked of each speaker (both online and live) during hugely imaginative and highly creative events produced to disseminate knowledge through the context of visceral, multi-dimensional theatrical experience. These events will be held in major arenas around the world.

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