"Equal interchange between opposite conditions manifests the love principle of balance upon which God's universal body is founded." [Russell,The Message of the Divine Iliad, page 76-77]
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The Pond Science Institute, founded by Dale Pond, is focused on developing the new and widely accepted paradigm where science merges with religion or spirituality. This view adds formalism of science to spiritual awakening such that the two seemingly diverse fields are in actuality one field both then having stability, substantiation and applicability to all areas of our personal and social lives. The result is a solid and practical understanding of who we are as individuals and a science of nature able to establish new methods and practices heretofore unachievable. Our work with Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, originated with pioneer John Worrell Keely in the 1880s, advances nearly everyday where practical modes of health and healing as well as unique technologies in energy, materials and dynamics unfolds into practical technology. Please make your best donation by clicking any of the links below.

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