Part 11 - SVP Music Model

Musicians usually study music theory, music principles and music laws as they apply to audible human hearing, listening, playing and enjoying music. SVP on the other hand uses music theory, music principles and music laws applied to machines, mechanics and matter and energy in all its various states and subdivision. In many of these SVP applications the sounds and vibrations used are not audible but inaudible.

11.01 - Introduction
Scientific Basis and Build of Music
11.02 - Attributes of the Scale of Infinite Ninths
11.03 - Development of the Scale of Infinite Ninths
11.04 - Nature Dances to a Natural Music Scale
11.05 - Something from Nothing
11.06 - Something from Idea and Will
11.07 - Idea plus Will plus Spirit - Manifestation
11.08 - Matter is an Effect of Will Force
11.09 - Matter is the Recording of Thinking
11.10 - Matter is the Recording of Sequential and Successive Steps of Polarized Thought
11.11 - Explanations of the Scale of Infinite Ninths
11.12 - Hidden Powers of Numbers
11.13 - Dominant Conditions are Mated Opposing Pairs as Fifths
11.14 - Indig Numbers (Fuller)
11.15 - Indig Numbers - Inert Gases and Octave Position
11.16 - Indig Numbers and the Power of the Powers of Two
11.17 - FOOT NOTES
11.18 - Keelys Dominant - Harmonic and Enharmonic
11.19 - Spirit is Dominant
11.20 - Scale of Infinite Ninths compared to Classic Scale
11.21 - Arithmetical Structure of Intervals
11.22 - Reciprocality of Dimensions and Music Intervals
11.23 - The Power of Two - Primes - Families and Differentiators
11.24 - Notes and Thoughts on Octave Structure
11.25 - Notes and Thoughts on Harmonic Scale of Ninths
11.26 - Definitions and notes useful in this section
11.27 - Origin of CsharpDbb note
11.28 - Ninths in the literature - Keely on Ninths
11.29 - Conventional or Standard Musical Ninths Intervals
11.30 - Russells Locked Potentials Numbers
11.31 - Egyptian Fractions and Measurements see Egyptian fraction expansion

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Etheric Liberator used with Atlin the Musical Dynasphere
Fibonacci is Music
Figure 1.12 - Naturally Occurring Frequencies Modes and Music Interval Relations
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Symmetry in Music

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