We have a breakthrough! This breakthrough is as a bridge between Keely's work, Russell's concepts and orthodox science. This is not the only bridge that will be established but it is perhaps the most important in that it gives orthodox science an entry into SVP they can recognize and run with. This bridge is not perfect or complete but is as a doorway or hand-shake between the seeming diverse paradigms which are actually (we can now see) the same.

This bridge begins in Russell's Eighteen Attributes or Dimensions and Locked Potentials, Keely's Sympathetic Vibration and science's term "coupling" in its various uses. The Schrodinger equation and Born Oppenheimer approximation are computations of wavefunction which is substantially Russell's Eighteen Attributes or Dimensions. The coupling is both Keely's sympathetic vibration, sympathetic oscillation and Russell's Locked Potentials. More comparative developments will be forthcoming.

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Read through the above terms. I will be developing these linkages to contrast and homogenize these concepts to where their connections will be more obvious and eventually useful in a practical sense.

A beginning is "coupling" which is locked relations between a number of terms such as vibration, electrical and mechanical interactions on the molecular, atomic and quantum levels. See "rovibronic coupling". Embodied in this association is Keely's sympathetic links and Russell's Locked Potentials. I find it quite interesting these tools have been around for decades but they've not been connected to Keely or Russell. The Schrodinger equation and the Born Oppenheimer approximation are mathematical constructs that account for the various kinds of couplings as constructs of the complex wavefunction - just as Russell wrote and Keely shows in his charts. I feel with these insights we can now move forward knowing (more or less) where we are and where we aim to arrive. So the way is clear now....

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