SVP Cosmology Part 15 - Dissociating Water Acoustically

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Description 15.01 - Introduction - There is and has been much conversation about Keely's extraordinary dissociating of water into its constituent components. Most believe he did this with vibration as in sound vibration. This view does not reflect what has been written about his actual experiments, witnessed by many scientists and engineers. Keely used oscillation which is a motion somewhat different than vibration. See Part 09 - What Vibration Is. - Part 2 wherein the differences between these two motions is discussed. These two motions are NOT the same as we can see by manipulating either one of them does not produce the same effects in the other. Keely's dissociation process, acoustically speaking, is nothing other than the disintegration of molecular and atomic mass into its constituent parts (electrons, photons, etc.). This dissociated water may be a vapor, gas, ultra-gas, plasma or etheric (sub-quantum) tenuous gas. Keely called one subdivision "etheric vapor" under a certain order of subdivision. Certain types, levels or divisions of this gas/vapor are sensitive to Will Force.

15.02 - Liberating Ozone from Water - "In one (Keely) experiment in liberating ozone by molecular percussion, including luminosity, a percussive molecular force of 110,000 lbs. per square inch was registered on the testing lever. This enormous pressure caused the heavy steel parts to so bend and bulge that the instrument was at that time unfitted for further experiments and had to be repaired.

"The (etheric) vapor from the liberator registers 20,000 lbs. per square inch when the rotary atomic oscillation is 1333 1/3 times the normal diameter of the atmospheric molecule." [Snell Manuscript]

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