15.10 - Dissociating Water with Alternating Current - Puharich

"Water decomposition by means of alternating current electrolysis." Puharich, Andrija. Puharich's patent is contained herein as Puharich Water Dissociation via AC.

Thermodynamic device which produces hydrogen as fuel and oxygen as oxidant from water. Already tested at ambient pressures and temperatures from sea level up to 3000 meters without loss of its peak efficiency. The electronic function generator has a complex alternating current output consisting of an audio frequency (20 to 200 Hz) amplitude of a carrier wave (200 to 100,000 Hz). At peak efficiency for electrolysis the value of the carrier resonant frequency is 600 Hz + or - 5 Hz. The principle effect for dissociation is the phonon effect: the acoustic vibration of water between a center electrode and a ring electrode.

The method is an interplay between conventional electrolysis and longitudinal, scalar (spark gap) emissions. The system was successfully implemented in a large mobile home vehicle and employed tap water, sea water and brackish desert water to power the engine for about two years.

(In International symposium on non-conventional energy technology. 1st, Toronto, October 23-24, 1981. Ottawa: Planetary Association for Clean Energy, 1981. p. 49-77.)

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