15.03 - Questions Concerning Dissociation


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  1. Dissociation is (more or less) the same as fission. There are different kinds or energy levels of dissociation such as molecular dissociation, atomic dissociation and etheric dissociation.
  2. Oxygen causes dissociation. Sometimes, and perhaps erroneously, called oxidation.
  3. It is said 30% Hydrogen Peroxide in the blood will dissociate the red cells.
  4. Oxygen somehow helps people live but some bacteria to die.
  5. Browns Gas mixed with air will EXplode when ignited.
  6. Browns Gas by itself will IMplode when ignited.
  7. Is the difference due to additional Oxygen? Is there a threshold?
  8. Oxygen lies close to earth's surface but not higher up where lighter gases predominate.
  9. Does ultraviolet sunlight (chemical blue rays) interact with oxygen to dissociate (sublimate) dies and paints?
  10. Does sunlight (chemical blue rays) activate the oxygen in water to aide or cause surface vaporization?
  11. Does oxygen play a role in formation of tornadoes and hurricanes?
  12. Hydrogen and Oxygen have different densities, volumes and attractibilities. See 15.07 - Dissociating Process

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