The latent force liberated by the same sympathizer as is used in aqueous disintegration, when used with metals, simply extends the range of the neutral sympathetic attraction of the metallic molecule, without rupturing its "corpuscles" with the result that the molecular mass reaches out to link itself with its "harmonic sympathizer" as long as the exciting vibration acts upon it. When its exciter (possibly the resonant sphere or his carbon register) is dissociated, its outreach nestles back again into the corpuscular embrace of the molecular mass of the sphere or disk.

This seems to indicate that Keely used the resonant sphere, filled possibly with some gas, water vapor, water or some unknown chemical vapor, or in his carbon register accomplished the creation of high frequencies, much like Tesla later used an interrupter to create high electric frequencies. Through this means Keely hoped to produce complex alternating phases which would polarize and depolarize his disks in the magnetic engine.

While the sympathetic neutral flow (from the molecular neutral centers to the mass neutral center) manifests itself in metallic masses only in a negative attractive (neutral attractive) manner, in water this attraction is dispersive, and minerals under like conditions, exhibit the property of disintegration into two constituents, ether and intermolecular dust.

Any metallic molecular mass can be so impregnated with certain orders of vibration that it will manifest the same sympathetic transmissive qualities that exist in the mental forces, that is, it will obey the laws of attraction and repulsion in a self directional manner.

He elaborated a system by means of which he induced great range of motion on metallic masses by induction of sympathetic negative attraction and then, by periodic vibratory change of their neutral centers instantly depolarized them. Elsewhere he is spoken of as controlling the transmission of sympathetic vibration by the differentiated wire composed of "German silver", etc.

He states "The diamagnetic receding action of the metal silver, which it exhibits towards an alternating magnetic flow is caused by "some 800,000 corpuscular percussions" per second interatomic bombardment or more exactly expressed, "intersympathetic vibrations."

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