Dissociation - Russell

""What becomes of matter when it dissociates? Can it be supposed that when atoms disaggregate they only divide into smaller parts, and thus form a simple dust of atoms? We shall see that nothing of the sort takes place, and that matter which dissociates dematerializes itself by passing through successive phases which gradually deprive it of its material qualities until it finally returns to the imponderable ether whence it seems to have issued." [Gustave Le Bon, The Evolution of Matter, page 7]

The Universal One
"All form dimensions of matter, deprived of the generative energy of thinking Mind, would instantly become dissociated and deconcentrated and give place to a state of inert dimensionless uniformity." [The Universal One, Book 02 - Chapter 01 - Dynamics of Mind - Concerning Light Units of Matter]

"One is an assembling or associating force, an assimilative force of gravity, or growth, which causes mass to draw together, to integrate, to accumulate. The other is a disassembling or dissociating force, and eliminative force of emission, which causes mass to emanate, to separate, to disintegrate." [The Universal One, Book 02 - Chapter 11 - Attraction and Repulsion]

"Rotation is an effect of motion employed by magnetism to counteract the desire of electricity by dissociating that which electricity has associated.

Magnetism conquers electricity in its sequentially preponderant power of degenerating that which electricity has generated." [The Universal One, Book 02 - Chapter 11 - Attraction and Repulsion]

"The purpose of magnetism is to replace that which electricity has displaced; to dissociate, disassemble, diffuse, disintegrate and radiate that which electricity has associated, assembled, integrated and generated.

Centrifugal opening spirals distribute disintegrating mass over more expanded ecliptic areas, and break up the nucleal, gravitative centers by distributing positive charge over proportionately greater areas which are in equilibrium with the greater areas of negative discharge, thus reducing potential by replacement of that which has been displaced." [The Universal One, Book 02 - Chapter 11 - Attraction and Repulsion]

"Radiation is the power of magnetism to dissociate by replacement." [The Universal One, Book 02 - Chapter 12 - Gravitation and Radiation]

Atomic Suicide
"Spheres are then disintegrated by projecting rings from them until a black hole surrounds their axis of rotation and they gradually expand until they eventually disappear into their cathodes." [Atomic Suicide, page 122]

"To decay means to disintegrate, depolarize, discharge and die. All matter does that, whether atom or man." [Atomic Suicide, page 274]

Home Study Course
[Home Study Course, 17 - Unit Two - Lesson 7.3]

"Decentrative thinking disintegrates dense concentrated bodies and returns them to invisible expanded space." [Home Study Course, 21 - Unit Three - Lesson 9]

"I will gradually unfold this idea of undivided sex as CAUSE of all EFFECT and of divided sex as the one great underlying principle of all creating and disintegrating things." [Home Study Course, 21 - Unit Three - Lesson 9]

"Integration and Disintegration" [Home Study Course, 23 - Unit Three - Lesson 10.2]

"Likewise GRAVITATION is another word for concentration — and RADIATION is another word for decentration. Interchange between these two opposites integrates and disintegrates the universe into solids surrounded by ethers." [Home Study Course, 24 - Unit Three - Lesson 11]

"If you cut the tree down all the heat which has been excluded will return to disintegrate the fiber over a period of many years, or you can hasten that process with a match. Please take note that I used the word “disintegrate”. I did not say “melt”, or “dissolve”, or “vaporize”, or “radiate”. Each of these words would have been equally right in principle, but their connotations would not have applied to wood. I could have used the words “rot” or “decay” with as proper connotation as the word “disintegrate”. I merely call your attention to this fact in passing because complexity of words and meanings of words add very materially to the complexing of your ability to comprehend Natural Law." [Home Study Course, 26 - Unit Three - Lesson 12.2]

"Anything can happen to your body because your body is divided and changing. It is borning and dying. It is integrating and disintegrating." [Home Study Course, 28 - Unit Four - Lesson 13]

"Radiation is centrifugal. It unwinds solids into liquids, gases and ethers of space. (See Fig. 25, page 262)
Gravitation and radiation are father and mother which born the divided universe into formed bodies of ideas and disintegrate those bodies in sequential lives and deaths forever.
Gravitation charges bodies with positive electricity. Radiation discharges bodies with negative electricity. Solids are formed by positive charge and space is formed by negative discharge. There is no such effect in Nature as negative charge." [Home Study Course, 30 - Unit Four - Lesson 15]

"Thus is My imagined electric universe born, dissolved and reborn; concentrated, decentrated and reconcentrated; integrated, disintegrated and reintegrated forever and forever in My imagined universe of imagined time and space." [Home Study Course, 30 - Unit Four - Lesson 15]

"No matter what the cause of any disintegrating, or depolarizing effect the remedy for it is to restore balance. The restoration of balance in any machine can be accomplished through action." [Home Study Course, 45 - Unit Seven - Lesson 28.1]

"Conversely, God’s laws of decay and disintegration are just as absolute as His laws of construction, and all the prayers which ask God to set aside His laws as a special favor to you, are more than wasted." [Home Study Course, 45 - Unit Seven - Lesson 28.1]

"I knew very well that the disintegrative forces would have an excellent opportunity to manifest God’s law by infecting my finger if I gave those waiting microbes a chance to return my body to the earth." [Home Study Course, 45 - Unit Seven - Lesson 28.1]

"TO INTEGRATE AND DISINTEGRATE MATTER." [Home Study Course, 47 - Unit Eight - Lesson 29]

"Their reincarnation in their own pattern is as true regarding solar systems as they are regarding man, and all resolving-dissolving, living-dying integrating-disintegrating things." [Home Study Course, 57 - Unit Ten - Lesson 38.2]

"These two are the father-mother principles which integrate and disintegrate in eternal repetitions." [Home Study Course, 61 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 41]

"The centripetal vortices marked AA in Figure 129; and BB in Figure 131, have rewound the expanded motion of the disintegrating spiral wheels into motion which reintegrates. Radiation has reversed itself in this piston stroke to become gravitation as the opposite pair reversed themselves in the first described piston stroke." [Home Study Course, 61 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 41]

"Electricity disintegrates spheres by unwinding them by the way of their equators." [Home Study Course, 62 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 42.1]

"Every planet and moon in our system is expanding upon itself by swelling enormously as space gains the inside, and each is spinning faster and faster to disintegrate centrifugally toward zero by throwing off great rings at each equator and flattening at each pole." [Home Study Course, 62 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 42.1]

"They are fast disintegrating, gradually oblating and turning upside down as all outer planets are doing." [Home Study Course, 62 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 42.1]

"The moment it loses this balanced condition of motion it begins to disintegrate." [Home Study Course, 64 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 42.3]

"Note their gradually oblating spherical forms—poles shortening—equators widening—to make disc-like conical bases for the centripetal power of gravity to take its turn to reborn new bodies and mature them for radiation to again disintegrate." [Home Study Course, 65 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 42.4]

"It has always been a fixed conception that the elements are permanent, that no particle of matter can ever be destroyed. Even though they be transmuted into other “substances” their basis still remains and even though complexed into many compounds their component parts still remain and will still find each other upon decay or disintegration of any organic or inorganic compound.

The conception of the indestructibility of matter is not true to Natural Law. All of the elements are but polarized states of motion which come and go—appear as “life” and disappear as “death”, as their compounds in animal and vegetable “life” also do. The elements are not “substances”. They are but the pressures of motion—divided motion—unbalanced opposites of motion seeking balance." [Home Study Course, 66 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 43.1]

"The radial system integrates and disintegrates the bodies into and out of their imaged forms, while the spherical system of lenses controls the projection of light rays for one half of each cycle and disintegrates them for the other half." [Home Study Course, 66 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 43.1]

"Figure 179 demonstrates the orderliness of Nature in thus integrating and disintegrating matter into solids and tenuous bodies. Arrows which point one way tell of the direction of gravity which hardens tenuous matter into solids, and the other way to tell the direction of radiation which softens, dissolves and disintegrates solids." [Home Study Course, 68 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 43.3]

"She disintegrates that which she has integrated—dissolves that which she has resolved—and radiates that which she has gravitated by only one method." [Home Study Course, 68 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 43.3]

"It has not yet been observed that there are no electrical systems of any kind in Nature, whether atomic, solar or stellar which are not disintegrating systems. Matter integrates into single masses. It disintegrates into systems of mass units centered by single masses. Each of these mass units centers another disintegrating system as its nucleus. This process continues until solids become vapors, then gases of forever lowering potentials until their zero potential is reached." [Home Study Course, 68 - Unit Eleven - Lesson 43.3]

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