axis of rotation

axis of rotation

noun: The axis about which any body rotates.

"Spheres are then disintegrated by projecting rings from them until a black hole surrounds their axis of rotation and they gradually expand until they eventually disappear into their cathodes." [Atomic Suicide, page 122]

"Let us demonstrate this idea. Imagine that you can reach out with your right hand and grasp the right-hand end of the earth's pole of rotation." [Atomic Suicide, page 282]

"As the earth spins you move both pencils slowly toward the stillness of the pole of rotation." [Atomic Suicide, page 282]

This invention (see fig. 17) relates to a conduit or pipe for liquid or gaseous media, which is intended to prevent encrustation and to reduce flow losses, wherein the pipe cross-section is formed of several curved arcs of a circle and the pipe is coiled in a screw-form manner. The invention also consists in the fact that the cross-section is egg-shaped with an indentation on one side adjacent to the pointed end of the egg and that the pipe is first twisted upon itself before the whole is formed into a coil. With the aid of such a pipe, the conveying capacity and efficiency is improved due the reduction of frictional losses and the prevention of encrustation. In order to increase the conveying capacity, the coiling of the pipe around an imaginary cylinder has proved to be particularly effective. For the same reason, the pipe can be rotated in a normal manner, whereby the central axis of the coiled pipe arrangement is also the axis of rotation. It is also advantageous to narrow the cross-section of the twisted pipe. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, Schauberger Patent 196680 - Pipe for Liquid and Gaseous Media]

Otis T. Carr
"Any vehicle that is accelerated to an axis rotation relative to its attractive inertial mass instantaneously becomes activated by free-space energy and behaves as an independent force. We have demonstrated that a charged body, when accelerated to an axis rotation relative to this attractive inertial mass, exhibits a distinct polarity in a specific direction." [Otis T. Carr]

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