Enerator is short for (g)enerator or (E)nerator where E stands in for Ether and Energy. It is a class of devices, such as the SVP Enerator Device, that produce, in a safe way, stable and benign etheric vapor or plasmas of different states, types or energy levels for research purposes, processes and products. These devices use a wide variety of energies to induce the plasma state including but not limited to cavitation, microwave, radio, heat, pressure, vacuum, acoustic and mechanical methods, solely or in combination. These devices are not unlike (in function) to Keely's Disintegrator or ether generator devices.

The human organism is a composite of these finer forces as was recognized by Steiner, Cayce, Reich and Keely. For mankind to ascend to the next higher level a working knowledge of these subtle forces is essential and is now being called into consciousness as we are doing. We are standing on the cusp of a great leap in global consciousness and the arts and sciences will be the invisible bridge that supports our faith.

See Keelys Forty Laws that govern the following three systems of dissociation
Molecular Dissociation
Atomic Dissociation
Etheric Dissociation

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