Part 23 - Harmony is Health - Discord is Disease

"Harmony is health. Discord is disease." Keely

"Discord is disease; harmony is health and every person starts from one or the other of these two bases. The word truth is applied to both, but if there was not any discord, there would be no need of harmony, for before there was discord all was quiet. So that it is a truth that there is such a state as discord in the mind, but the discord is in us and not in the thing spoken of. The discord is not in the tune but in those that hear it, for if there were no one to hear it, there would be no discord." Quimby

“When I speak of discords in man, I mean disease. These disorders are the results of a chemical change in the fluids of the system, brought about by the action of the mind. These discords are sometimes brought about instantly and may be corrected as suddenly. It may be necessary to give some proof that the fluids are changed suddenly. Before I bring any proof, I wish it to be distinctly understood that it is my belief that I can change the fluids of another person in an instant, from a diseased to a healthy state. I do not mean every person, and I feel the discords as sensibly as a person feels the discords in music and use the same means to correct them. To prove the above statement I will take the case of the woman who was healed by the touch of Christ's garment. The woman believed that if she could touch the hem of Christ's garment, she should be made whole. Now to produce a cure it was necessary that a change should be produced in the system and to produce this change it was necessary to change the mind to correct the discord.” [Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, Article: Experiences in Healing, Spiritualism and Mesmerism, page 254]

23.00 - 1.4 - Etheric Mind Force in Healing
23.01 - Disease

23.02 - Healing
23.03 - How Idea Becomes Matter or Disease

23.04 - Keely - Cure of Disease
23.05 - Keelys Secrets - Part 2 - One Phase of Keelys Discovery in Its Relation to the Cure of Disease
23.06 - Sympathetic Vibration in Healing

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Part 23 - Harmony is Health - Discord is Disease
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