Sympathetic Vibratory Physics covers many fields each containing a large number of concepts, principles, laws and historical materials interconnected and intertwined sometimes with great depth and complexity. Many of these connections are revealed through the "See Also" links found on each svpwiki page. The following is a partial list of summaries wherein individual concepts or findings have been systematized or organized to paint a clearer picture. Keely made the comment no man's life time is sufficient to grasp all of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. My work has been (mostly) to find, understand, organize, summarize and present these many elements. Follow the concepts and their links that speak to you.

  1. Awakening
  2. SVP Basic Principles
  3. Bibliography
  4. Charts
  5. Chronology who did what, when
  6. Clara Jessup Bloomfield-Moore
  7. Compendium and Definitions
  8. Dissociation
  9. Ether
  10. Etheric Elements
  11. Eye Witness Accounts
  12. Figure 1.5 - Expanded Gamut of Mind and Matter Chart
  13. Gravity
  14. Keely
  15. Keely Definitions
  16. Keely - Historical Documents
  17. Keely Presentation a PowerPoint presentation (in pdf format) presenting SVP, endocrine system, Theosophy and many other correlated topics.
  18. Keely Sources
  19. Keelys Accomplishments
  20. Keelys Mechanical Inventions and Instruments
  21. Laws
  22. Laws of Being - Annotated
  23. Levitation
  24. Matter
  25. Mind Force is a pre-existing Natural Force
  26. Mind Force the hidden Scalar Force
  27. Modes of Vibration - Annotated
  28. Neutral Center
  29. Neutral Center Dynamics
  30. Part 24 - Awakening Your Genius
  31. Polar Interchange - Part I reviewing Russells Optic Dynamo-Generator
  32. Polar Interchange - Part II reviewing Russells Optic Dynamo-Generator
  33. Polar Interchange - Part III reviewing Russells Optic Dynamo-Generator
  34. Principles of Acoustics
  35. Rhythmic Balanced Interchange
  36. Scalar
  37. Scale of Locked Potentials
  38. Scale of the Forces in Octaves
  39. Scientists Explorers and Discoverers people quoted or referenced in the Snell Manuscript - The Book
  40. SVPwiki
  41. Subdivision
  42. SVP videos in the wiki
  43. SVP videos to purchase
  44. Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - The Basic Principles
  45. Tables many tables organizing many related things
  46. The Nature and Dynamics of Vibration and Toroids a further expansion of the Laws of Being - Annotated containing numerous tables and relationships in context.
  47. The Laws of Being
  48. Three Laws of Being
  49. Was Keely a Fraud?

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Compendium and Definitions
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