Part 27 - The Cycles of Life

Everything happens in cycles. A Cycle is simply a vibration of long period or time.

"...have ye not heard how that constantly there is the change, and that the body has in a seven-year cycle reproduced itself entirely? No need for anyone, then, to have ANY disturbance over that length of period, if - by common sense - there would be the care taken. But if your mind holds to it, and you've stumped your toe, it will stay stumped! If you've got a bad condition in your gizzard, or liver, you'll keep it - if you think so! But the body - the physical, the mental and spiritual - will remove same, if ye LET it and not hold to the disturbance!" [Cayce (257-249)]

See Harvey Spencer Lewis's book: "Self Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life"
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Birth Cycle

  • Determining Birth Keynote

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