Suggested Reading

Suggested Reading

"Read not to contradict and confute, nor to believe and take for granted...
but to weigh and consider." - [Francis Bacon]

The Awakening or Self Realization process has been explored since early Egyptian days. Throughout the intervening centuries this "Work" of elevating the human consciousness was explored and pursued by the great philosophers of all societies and especially by the Alchemists and the so-called secret societies deemed legitimate. Indeed the awakening process was held as ancient Egypt's most secret and sacred science. Awakening to Cosmic Consciousness or Christ Consciousness is at the core of every religion especially the Christian religion wherein Jesus the man attained Christ Consciousness when he awoke to his oneness with the Mind of God as the Christ thus showing us the Way to do that. In today's world there are countless individuals and organizations endeavoring to awaken or providing various methods exploring and developing a Greater Consciousness. These people and their organizations offer a multitude of books, CDs, DVDs and web sites devoted to this most noble of human pursuits. Awakening is Divine wisdom or science according to Quimby which he also calls Christ, Science, God and Love. Being Awake allows us to turn the substance of Mind into Matter as Sai Baba does and put it into motion as Daniel Pomerleau has demonstrated. The Atlin Project contained elements of both processes which we have yet to fully master. [See Mind Force is a pre-existing Natural Force and see Bibliography for more recommended authors and texts.]

Top Ten (or so) Recommended Books
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Q: Please list ten most important books on your work. I was going to place an order the other day, then I thought I better ask first.
A: I'm having difficulty limiting the recommended list to just ten items.

  1. Atlin - Knowing I Am
  2. The Physics of Love 2.0
  3. Keely and His Discoveries
  4. Universal Laws Revealed - Keely's Secrets
  5. Keely’s Laws of Being
  6. Snell Manuscript
  7. The Universal One
  8. Atomic Suicide?
  9. Scientific Basis and Build of Music (Ramsay)
  10. Dashed Against the Rock
  11. Dialogue on Awakening
  12. Dale Pond, Speaking Freely
  13. Machines and the Human Spirit by Paul Emberson
  14. Rudolf Steiner on Technology. A Review
  15. Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
  16. Tomorrow's Energy by Arthur C. Aho

Recommended Background Reading

  1. A Course in Miracles
  2. Atkinson; Mind Power
  3. Brewer, DD, Rev. E. Cobham; Sound and its Phenomena
  4. Bucke, "Cosmic Consciousness""
  5. Carhart, First Principles of Physics
  6. Carpenter, Tom; Dialogue on Awakening
  7. Cayce, Commentary on the Book of Revelation - Edgar Cayce Foundation
  8. Deschanel, A. Privat & Everett, J. D.; Elementary Treatise on Natural Philosophy - Sound and Light
  9. Harris, T. F., B.Sc., F.C.S.; Handbook of Acoustics
  10. Jeans, Sir James, The Science of Music
  11. Furst, Jeffrey; "Edgar Cayce's Story of Jesus"
  12. Kapp, MD, M.W. - "Glands - Our Invisible Guardians". 1962. The Rosicrucian Press. San Jose, California
  13. Le Bon, Gustave, The Evolution of Matter
  14. Keely, John Worrell [See Bibliography]
  15. Keelys Forty Laws
  16. Miller, Dayton Clarence; The Science of Musical Sounds
  17. Norton, Sidney A.; Elementary Treatise on Natural Philosophy - chapter 5 Undulations, 6 Acoustics, chapter 7 Musical Sounds
  18. Podolny, R.; Something Called Nothing - details vacuum physics, ether, etc.
  19. Pond, Dale; Atlin - Knowing I Am
  20. Pond, Dale; The Physics of Love 2.0
  21. Pond, Dale; Keely's Laws of Being 3.0
  22. Pond, Dale; Universal Laws Revealed: Keelys Secrets
  23. Proctor, Bob; You Were Born Rich
  24. Quimby, Phineas Parkhurst, "The Complete Writings"
  25. Ramsay, Dougald Carmichael; Scientific Basis and Build of Music
  26. Russell, Walter; A New Concept of the Universe
  27. Russell, Walter; Atomic Suicide
  28. Russell, Walter; The Message of the Divine Iliad
  29. Russell, Walter; Home Study Course
  30. Russell, Walter; The Universal One
  31. Snell Manuscript - The Book
  32. Stone, W.H.; Stone's Scientific Basis of Music
  33. White, Carol; "Energy Potential: Toward a New Electromagnetic Field Theory," (with essays by Bernhard Riemann trans. from German by J. J. Cleary, Jr.), Campaigner Publications, New York, 1977.
  34. Whittaker, Edmund, "A History of the Theories of Aether and Electricity" volumes I and II
  35. Wood, Alex; "The Physics of Music", published by Richard Clay and Company, Ltd. Bungay, Suffolk, England, 1945?

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