With implosions a molecular ordering takes places in a radial->axial direction and therefore a suctional effect takes place in the axis, where the most vigorous decrease in heat and pressure occurs. This attracts, indraws, concentrates and binds (emulsifies) the oxygen, which gives rise to diamagnetism. This is precisely the opposite of the atomic pressural force, generally known as electricity. With implosion, detonationless retro-suctional effects occur in the core zone, which promote a higher grade emulsive process, namely the binding of the oxygen, which becomes increasingly passive the closer it is to the center of flow. This results in the collapse of the peripheral masses, the release of the through-flowing substance from the walls, and thereby to an almost frictionless increase in the velocity of the self-inwinding through-flowing material, which accelerates by the square of the velocity of a falling heat gradient. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, Explosion and Implosion - Expansion and Impansion]

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