"Gravity and the Magnetic Light are ONE, but the connotation of gravity differentiates it from the word Mind, or Light, just as the word Soul differentiates it from the word God. They are the same, however, for God is the Universal Soul while Soul in man mean's Identity, or Being, as a unit of the Universal Being. The moment that electricity divides the One changeless condition into pairs it is necessary to balance and control those pairs. Gravity is the Magnetic control and balancer, although its power never multiplies or divides. Where gravity is stillness is. An area of stillness always surrounds gravity shafts. These areas are the holes which center the rings of electric potential which continually multiply compression, or divide it by expanding, in accord with the desires of Nature, or man, to manifest that all-power which is within, and omnipresent in all things." [Atomic Suicide, page 177]

"In Fig. 62 you will note a centering point marked zero. That is the beginning point in the Mind-universe which marks the eternal Identity of one unit of a multiple repeated Idea. Your Identity begins and ends there. Likewise, the Identity of every creating thing in the universe begins and ends there. It emerges from that point millions of times, and returns to it millions of times complexed by union with other Identities, which become a part of its purpose." [Atomic Suicide, page 252]

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