still God-Light of Mind

"The wave shaft itself is the still God-Light of Mind which is like unto the still eye of the cyclone at the polarized end of the cyclone shaft. The true sphere thus formed marks the maturity of the imaged-form which is completed at the junction point of eight cubes where the octave wave ends at amplitude. This is where microscopic suns of almost timeless duration are formed. Here also is where majestic suns of huge mass and durations of billions of ages in duration are also formed, to function as seed for borning of planets and lesser forms of God's imaginings. From that point of maturity of such flaming carbon masses as our sun, God's decentrative thinking causes these suns to project rings from the plane of their equators in series of four which, likewise, compress into planets in series of four. These, likewise, forever project rings in series of four until all that God gave in light rings of His electric pulsings are regiven to the four of their zero group as refolding records of that which has been unfolded." [Atomic Suicide, page 121]

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