two-way universe of motion

"Hence there can be no such thing as a positively charged mass or a negatively charged mass. All charging masses are simultaneously discharging and all discharging masses are simultaneously recharging other masses in this two-way universe of motion. Energy is kept continually moving between the high pressure hot points of gravitative centres and the low-pressure cold areas of the evacuated fields which surround all masses." [Russell to NYT - 1930 November 2]

"The father principle multiplies light into density and high potential. The mother principle divides it into vapors and gases of lower potential. Light is thus multiplied and divided into suns and planets surrounded by "space."
The "matter" of earth is the same as the matter of heavens with but one difference; VOLUME. And there-in lies the secret of the universal pulse beat. Space is a division of solidity into tenuity. It is also a multiplication of volume at the expense of potential. Interchange between these two unbalanced opposites is the basis of all motion in this rhythmic universe." [Walter Russell, The Secret of Light, page 125]

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