still Magnetic shafts

"The result may better be pictured by the tornado which every action in Nature emulates. All electrical motion in the octave wave turns spirally around centering, still Magnetic shafts, just as cyclones do. All electrical compression begins by violent expansion to create a condition which borns its opposite, as all opposites in Nature do. This effect is the answer to the electrical engineer's question which asks WHY his electric current is only at the surface of his wires and cables, and not all through them except at the points where loops of force count his impulse frequencies for him. If it were possible for him to slice an electrical current into sections he would find that each section would be a ring whirling around a still center, except at points where collisions occur between the two lights of the spectrum, which are so forcibly projected from cathode zeros." [Atomic Suicide, page 122-125]

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