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10/04/18: Posted Physics of the Ether
07/03/18: Finished wiking Atomic Suicide - the book Wikied for members only. This massive effort is to reveal What Tesla told Russell to bury for 1000 years. Enjoy!
04/25/18 Our Toe Nail Fungus Solution
02/01/17: SVP Spring Workshop 2017
10/24/16: How to Study the SVPwiki
09/14/16: Members Only page for notices and news of interest to Members and Subscribers.
08/08/16: Upgraded SVPwiki from version 12.4 to 15.2.
05/24/16: What the Ether is - is worth the read time.
04/30/16: Launching the new The Physics of Love 2.0
11/14/15: Updated the PSI Endowment page.
10/15/15: Eloniss is now in the UK.
06/01/15: Upgraded wiki software to version 12.
06/01/15: Moved svpwiki to new hosting service.
12/01/13: New book by Dale Pond - Keelys Laws of Being
11/17/13: Vote for your favorite nearly forgotten scientist to honor on the next Commemorative Medallion VOTE HERE
11/01/13: Began shipping medallions to customers
10/29/13 - Good News! We just received word the mint has shipped the first batch of 500 Nikola Tesla Commemorative Medallions! We will begin shipping (first come first served) perks later this week.
10/27/13: Began wiki'ing the 200+ newly discovered newspaper articles about Keely here.
09/21/13: With 18 days to go you did it! The Tesla Commemorative Medallion campaign has surpassed it's goal just a few minutes ago! I am so pleased and thankful for all of you!
08/10/13: Launched the Commemorative Medallions campaign
06/17/13: 30% off sale going on at the SVPBookStore!
06/01/13: Completed (excepting lose ends) the wiki'ing of the Snell Manuscript (subscribers only, click HERE to subscribe). Maybe someone else can step up and catch those lose ends.
05/06/13: Continuing the very slow wiki'ing of the Snell Manuscript. This is bringing out some interesting new materials and relationships.
04/19/13: Did some categorizing on Keelys Mechanical Inventions and Instruments making it easier to find certain items.
04/16/13: Finding Latest Updates - Loggin and click "Last Changes" in the left-hand column.
04/04/13: Began wiki'ing the Snell Manuscript (subscribers only, click HERE to subscribe). Very interesting to go back through this book word by word and line by line after having read it many years ago. I'm encountering many new insights.
03/26/13: Moved the SVPwiki to a faster more powerful server. The increase in speed is dramatic!
03/24/13: Polar Interchange - Table of Contents an exploration into Russell's Optic Dynamo-Generator
12/12/12: We've been updating these pages and adding more pages. Added in a list of Summaries of different sub-topics.
07/16/12: Updated the Russell page. During the past seven days we've added or updated these pages:
Sympathetic Vibration
What Electricity Is - Tesla
false gods
3.10 - Vortex Motions result in Appearance of Form
Vibratory Sympathetic and Polar Flows
Occult Science
spiritual science
Nikola Tesla
Tesla and Vedic Philosophy
God Particle
Figure 13.02c - Dynasphere Neutral Center
Locked Potentials and Subdivisions
Fuel Vaporization
Universal Heart Beat
06/11/12: Updated SVP Online Classes
04/27-04/29/12: Will be presenting at the Eternal Knowledge Festival in UK. Click to download jpg flyer.
01/27/12: Added a Comment section to every wiki page. Registered users can leave Comments and Suggestions for each individual wiki page, blog and FAQ.
01/23/12: Truth as Force, an epiphany.
01/04/12: Sympsionics has its own web site now, click here.
11/12/11: Started PSI Events and People, Divine Trinity
11/11/11: Updated Sympsionics, Sympsionics Example Equations, Sympsionics Numbers, Sympsionics Operators and Sympsionics Standards and Rules
10/29/11: Started a new feature called Solutions which is a listing of real solutions to real world problems.
10/23/11: Unique visitors exceeds 2,000,000!! Thank you!
10/18/11: Updated the all-important Chart of Matter and Energy showing clearly the relation between observable (Newtonian) and non-observable (scalar) energy states
09/23/11: Scanned and entered (but not yet wiki'ed) Vera Vita the Philosophy of Sympathy this book was written AFTER Sinclair learned of Keely's work. It is therefore well written and informative. I STRONGLY recommend this book.
09/05/11: Finished wiki'ing A New Creed the book written before Sinclair knew of Keely.
09/13/11: New video showing what Atlin feels like - see video on this page
09/05/11: Began scanning and wiki'ing A New Creed the book excellent explanation of the medium of Mind Force, ether, Love and sympathy
08/26/11: Four new Q&A videos posted to Dale Pond
08/03/11: Sympsionics symbolic math that speaks to the higher mind or heart.
08/02/11: Mind Force the hidden Scalar Force TeslaTech Conference presentation.
07/24/11: New interview videos posted to Dale Pond page and SVP Videos.
07/09/11: Dan's blog post; Seasons Change
06/11/11: Breakthrough! bridging Keely, Russell and orthodox science.
06/07/11: The SVPwiki has surpassed 3000 entries.
06/06/11: The Dynasphere Store T-shirts, mugs, hats
06/04/11: Rights and false gods
05/30/11: Crowdfunding the Dynaspheres to Europe
05/28/11: Launching the Dynaspheres to Japan and Dynaspheres to the World
05/26/11: Updated the Royal Rife page
05/21/11: Dan Cunningham has started an interesting blog within and about the Pond Science Institute.
05/18/11: Keelys Last Will and Testament
04/11/11: Check out the new video by Caroline Doyle-McManus. Musical Dynasphere's Introduction to the Etheric Motor
04/04/11: SVP Shopping Mall awesome products and services
04/04/11: Unique visitors exceeds 1,000,000!!
03/19/11: Musical Dynasphere presentation the Etheric motor new video by Caroline Doyle-McManus
03/18/11: Keely and Science - Part 1, Keely and Science - Part 2
03/14/11: Vibratory Physics - True Science
03/10/11: Determining Your Birth Keynote
02/28/11: Keelys Accomplishments aggressively updated. The SVPwiki has surpassed 2700 entries.
02/15/11: Calculators useful in SVP
02/14/11: Keelys Accomplishments a comprehensive and amazing listing of what Keely did
02/11/11: Updated Figure 8.3 - Coiled Spring showing Longitudinal Wave and related pages. Also Atlin's Purpose and What is a Dynasphere
02/06/11: Updated Keely - Electricity from Vacuum Was Keely the first to draw electricity from space or vacuum?
02/05/11: Test and Measurement conventional sources
01/29/11: Started an FAQ. An extensive earlier FAQ can be seen here and here.
01/21/11: Truth and Freedom radio interview with Dale Pond
01/13/11: The SVPwiki has surpassed 2600 entries.
01/10/11: Announcing the Dynaspheres to Europe Project
12/24/10: updated the New Era of Consciousness with Kiesha's videos about what is happening with earth changes.
12/18/10: Kiesha Crowther - a beautiful awakening being
12/17/10: 2012 What's going to happen?
12/06/10: Compiled list of Charts see also Tables
12/02/10: Universal Truth Evolution Radio, other interviews
11/24/10: East meets West ala Rudolf Steiner
10/28/10: SVP Online Classes?
10/20/10: Check out the new SVPBookStore
10/05/10: Radio Interview with RMN Radio
09/26/10: Triune Polar Flows, Nightside, Light Units
09/17/10: SVP and PSI videos displayed within SVPwiki
09/10/10: Father-Mother Principle the Universal Heart Beat of the universe.
09/08/10: Edited Awakening to where even a fifth grader can understand it.
08/31/10: updated Wave Field
08/29/10: Table of Forces, A Message to Garcia
08/27/10: updated Law of Assimilation
08/23/10: The SVPwiki has surpassed 2300 entries.
08/19/10: Triune States of Matter and Energy
08/01/10: PSI exploring Judy Beebe's GEM Energy
07/27/10: Cube-Sphere
07/25/10: Wave Field
07/24/10: Water, The SVPwiki has surpassed 2200 entries.
07/23/10: New Era of Consciousness, Dynasphere Applications
07/22/10: Eye Witness Accounts
07/21/10: Ether Generator Producing High Pressures, I Am
07/20/10: Bearden on Klimov - over-unity achieved?
07/18/10: Longitudinal Waves in Vacuum, Scalar Potential
07/16/10: Power of Beat Harmonics, Power, Power vs Energy
07/13/10: Keely - Electricity from Vacuum, additions to Compendium and Definitions
07/12/10: Locked Potentials and Subdivisions, Double Vortex
07/08/10: Additions to Color, 6.14.1 - Mirror Cube, Temple Beautiful
07/07/10: The Dynamics of Mind
07/05/10: Lux Naturae, Envelope, Etheric Capsule
07/04/10: Additions to Chronology, The Doom of Steam, Declaration of Independence from Fossil Fuels and sundry historical articles.
07/02/10: What We Have Learned with the Dynaspheres.
07/01/10: A topic we are all deeply interested in is 'What is Life Force?'
06/30/10: The SVPwiki has surpassed 2100 entries.
06/26/10: 3-space, 4-space and additions to Time
06/23/10: Periodic Table Set to Music
06/21/10: Aharonov-Bohm Effect, Dirac Sea, Negative Energy
06/20/10: Noosphere, Sono-thermism, transverse
06/19/10: Whittaker's On the Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics
06/18/10: Entered Supreme Neutral Center, Kepler and Bearden's Heaviside Component.
06/12/10: Entered Keely and His Discoveries.
06/10/10: The SVPwiki has surpassed 2000 entries.
06/05/10: SVP Music Interval Calculator The first of many yet to come interactive web pages. Enter any number as Fundamental and its derived Music Intervals are calculated.
06/04/10: The SVPwiki has surpassed 1990 entries.
06/03/10: Was Keely a Fraud? Absolutely not!
06/02/10: Mind Force is a Pre-existing Natural Force.
06/01/10: Keely's classification system of Mind, Matter and Energy.
05/31/10: Completed, for now, the Chronology entries. Reading this Time Line puts some interesting events into perspective. For instance, Keely is reported to have developed power from space/vacuum prior to 1895.
05/30/10: What Ether is and Its Relations to Mind, Matter and Energy.
05/24/10: Entered more articles into the Chronology. There are many of these articles so it will be awhile before completed.
05/22/10: Eventually all of the original Keely articles and materials will be incorporated into the SVPwiki. During this past week I've added and wiki'd several of the old articles. It is interesting to reread these articles after not having read them for several years. Many new insights and expansions of concepts pop up. Links to these articles can be found in the SVPwiki bibliography.
05/21/10: The Basic Principles of SVP are from time to time being updated. These principles will be subject of a series of short video clips - once we get around to getting that done.
05/20/20: The articles on Keely's air-ship, aerial navigation or levitation have been extensively edited. Be sure to view all the linked materials.
05/19/10: The SVPwiki has surpassed 1950 entries. Began entering Nikola Tesla and Bearden materials. If you are into Free Energy this material will be of interest to you.
05/07/10: The SVPwiki has surpassed 1850 entries.
04/16/10: Why subscribe to SVPwiki?

The SVPwiki has approximately 8,200 wiki pages of organized, referenced and linked content (more being added daily) covering primarily Keely's Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, Walter and Lao Russell's work and that of Cayce, Bearden, Bloomfield-Moore, Grant Allen, Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann, many others', conventional science and physics, music, philosophy and spirituality. The SVPwiki explains such comments as "All force is Mind Force." (Keely) and links matter to Mind and Spirit and explains the fundamental laws and principles that govern all that is. If you are into discovering the Human Potential or Free Energy here is where you will find the fundamentals, laws and working principles to develop it.

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