How to Study the SVPwiki

How to study SVPWIKI

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Jumping into the SVPwiki can be daunting. There is a lot of information and most of it is new to the average reader. Where to begin? How to proceed?

What SVPwiki Is
The SVPwiki is an open-minded investigation into the unknown nature of Mind and Matter and everything in between. In doing this the works of many investigators have been collected into these pages. It is obvious these investigators were all touching the same elephant so to speak. They were coming from different perspectives and described what they were finding in their own words in some cases developing their own jargon. Therefore much of the work is with definitions and contexts.

Usually a word or phrase is given as a page title with original supporting quotes with sources. To tie that particular term or word use to similar term and word use by others a page section "See Also" is a listing of similar entries bearing directly or indirectly on that page's term or word use. The "See Also" section then becomes as important if not more so than the page term. It is then a serious misstep to not study the linked terms and words listed within the "See Also" listing.

All of the above research would be for nothing if that being discovered were not tied to current science and philosophy where possible. That too is part of this work. Unfortunately, some of what was discovered by these original free-thinking investigators is not directly translatable into current concepts and technologies. These original people thought differently and developed unique insights concerning Mind and Matter. For instance John Keely was splitting the atom in the 1880s a full fifty years before conventional science accomplished the same feat in 1939. As a consequence Keely had to develop his own jargon to describe his processes.

These original investigators accomplished feats of science and engineering current science cannot. If we wish to accomplish the similar things we are called upon to learn the investigators' original terms and words if we are to understand what they did and in some cases how they did it. We have to get inside their minds and think as they did.

Where to Begin?
Introductory Materials
Watch the SVP videos.
Atlin - Knowing I Am - an introduction to our story and how it began.
The Physics of Love 2.0 - a beginner's introduction to SVP science and philosophy.
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - The Basic Principles
Use this SVPwiki to look up definitions and term use.

Permission to Quote, Reference and Share
Permission is granted to use the materials in the svpwiki to be studied, quoted and shared so long as it is referenced as source or intermediate source. Feel free to use these materials for writing a book or article, preparing a presentation or in communication with others.

Sharing svpwiki pages
Every svpwiki page has a share button.


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