Dirac Sea

Dirac Sea

The Dirac sea is a theoretical model of the vacuum as an infinite sea of particles with negative energy. It was first postulated by the British physicist Paul Dirac in 1930 to explain the anomalous negative energy quantum states predicted by the Dirac equation for relativistic electrons. The positron, the antimatter counterpart of the electron, was originally conceived of as a hole in the Dirac sea, well before its experimental discovery in 1932. Dirac, Einstein and others recognised that it is related to the "metaphysical" aether:

"... with the new theory of electrodynamics we are rather forced to have an aether." [P.A.M. Dirac, "Is There An Aether?," Nature, v.168, 1951, p.906.]

The equation relating energy, mass and momentum in special relativity is:

E2 = p2c2 + m2c4,

In the special case of a particle at rest (i.e. p = 0), the above equation reduces to E2 = m2c4, which is usually quoted as the familiar E = mc2. However, this is a simplification because, while x * x = x2, we can also see that ( − x) * ( − x) = x2. Therefore, the correct equation to use to relate energy and mass in the Hamiltonian of the Dirac equation is:

Dirac Equation

Here the negative solution is antimatter, discovered by Carl Anderson as the positron. The interpretation of this result requires a Dirac sea, showing that the Dirac equation is not merely a combination of special relativity and quantum field theory, but it also implies that the number of particles cannot be conserved. WikiPedia, Dirac Sea

In an interview with Nikola Tesla at Delmonico’s (NYC) in 1894, Arthur Brisbane writes:
“Mr. Tesla’s biggest undertaking at present—that to which he is devoting his most earnest efforts— is the production of light by the vibrations of the atmosphere. He has no intention of heating a bit of cinder red and letting it glow by incandescence. The present incandescent system, compared to the Tesla idea, is as primitive as an ox cart with two solid wooden wheels compared to modern railroading.
[His] idea is to produce here on earth vibrations similar to those which cause the sunlight, and thus to give us a light as good as the sun, with no danger from clouds or other obstructions. Mr. Tesla has already achieved decided success in this line. He takes in his hand a long bar of glass, which, by vibration alone, lights up into most amazing brilliancy.”
Nikola Tesla: “All I have to do to duplicate the sunlight is to get this number of vibrations to the second with my machinery on earth. I have succeeded up to a certain point, but am still at work on the task.” - Arthur Brisbane: "Our Foremost Electrician". The World, July 22, 1894
Read the full article here: https://tinyurl.com/teslaelectrician

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