Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - An Abstract

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What is Sympathetic Vibratory Physics?

  1. The study and application of the commonality (Oneness) of all things; i.e., their vibrations and oscillations especially when harmonious or concordant as also the connecting link between all things. [see Connecting Link]
  2. Sympathetic Vibratory Physics was discovered and developed by John Ernst Worrell Keely in the late 1800s. He discovered its laws and invented machines to harness fundamental forces and energies of nature as revealed by his research. His amazing array of accomplishments was attested to by imminent scientists of the time. See Photos of Keely's Machines and Devices

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics is the science of:

  1. Life - there is a single contiguous Life Force seemingly manifesting in diverse forms. The expression of Life Force is the expression of Creation.
  2. Light - Light of Mind is the one and only substance manifesting as all seeming matter and force. There is the physical light and non-physical light. The first is what we are familiar with in our day to day existence. It is seen by our physical eyes. The second is non-visible Light of Mind (consciousness) in which we exist and have our being. It is seen by our non-physical minds.
  3. There is the physical seen light and non-physical unseen light. The first is what we are familiar with in our day to day existence. It is seen by our physical eyes. The second is non-visible Light of Mind (consciousness) in which we exist and have our being. It is seen by our non-physical minds.
  4. Love - all seeming isolated things are entangled via sympathetic vibration and sympathetic oscillation. They are One. Love is a single contiguous omnipresent omniscient Continuum (state) connecting all things to all other things.
Love is the bridge between you and everything.†Rumi
  1. Love in vibratory physics is called sympathy or sympathetic; i.e., synchronous and harmonious motion. Those things that are in harmony (love) are in sympathy with each other.
  2. Fear being discordant disrupts or destroys that state of Oneness, Sympathy or Harmony and into seeming disordered chaos. Discords are unsympathetic and discontinuous.
  3. As the only existent energy state in the universe is Love or Sympathy all fear is an illusion of the split (ego) mind.

Vibration and Oscillation

  1. Every seeming individuated thing vibrates and oscillates continuously about one or more centers. Therefore the commonality (Oneness) between all things is vibration, oscillation and their centers.
  2. Vibration is a periodic change of state between concordant aggregation (order) and discordant dispersion (disorder) - to and from a center or centers. Example: aggregation into compact form of an atom or atoms or molecules as in an orderly crystal.
  3. Oscillation is a periodic change of state between assimilation about a center and repulsion around a center or centers. Example: the apogee and perigee of an orbiting planet around a star or more simply a child on a swing.
  4. Sound waves do not travel as sound waves. It is the causative disturbances that travel on the etheric (subatomic) level that manifests as sound along its path by disturbance of equilibrium of the encountered centers. The same principle applies to light propagation.
  5. Vibrations and Oscillations that are concordant are sympathetic to each other. They vibrate or oscillate "as One". The concordant vibrations between them are sympathetic vibrations or sympathetic oscillations. There exists a state of sympathy between them. Sympathy is Oneness, Love, harmony and concordance.

Tuning Forks in Sympathy

Tuning Forks in Sympathy - As one vibrates so does the other.

Now - No Time

Now is the only Time that exists. There is no past and no future time. We think of time as linear (thinking) when in fact it is nonlinear (knowing). We can know nonlinear time when our consciousness is undifferentiated as in for instance deep meditation or in a state of Love or Sympathy. Linear time appears when we are unmindful of being present in the moment. Linear time is a construct of ego or intellect and therefore illusory. The concept of linear time is born of fear, anxiety and negative ideas of or about self which are also illusory. In other words fear is wholly made up, an illusion of misperception.


Infinitely Present Moment

Now - The Infinitely Present Moment


As all things are entangled all acts as one continuity - when on the seventh subdivision, the compound interetheric. Each physical object also exists concurrently on the other six subdivisions (depending on its state). Differences are due to preponderance of subdivision and mode as exhibited in their individual wave function. These lower subdivisions impart chordal differences or spectra constituting or establishing individuality. Thus every object is the same in essence even though our perception may appear to indicate otherwise due the difference in chord settings (wave function) or spectra.

Subdivisions of Matter and Energy

The Universe is Simple

  1. All things within the universe, being effects of relative motions, may be categorized to exist within seven discrete states of matter and energy. [see The Seven Subdivisions of Matter and Energy]
  2. The substratum energy state of the universe is depolar or having no polarization either harmonic (attraction) or discordant (repulsion). It is neutral. Some call this neutral state of energy (pure scalar potential) God.
  3. Undifferentiated Mind (knowing) is depolar; i.e., scalar - having potential without vector. Harmonized potential is Thought Force.
  4. Undifferentiated Mind is the realm of non-motion, One or Divine Mind. It is knowing versus thinking.
  5. Differentiated Mind (thinking) is polar - having vector (motion). Vectorization is Thinking of the intellect or when focused, Will Force.

Attraction and Repulsion

  1. Attraction (syntropy) and Repulsion (entropy) are interchangeable. They interchange (one becomes the other) intermittently. These two seeming opposite states are in fact two states that exchange wave function. [see Law of Assimilation] This is the omnipresent ‘heart beat’ of the universe referred to by Walter Russell.
  2. When polarized harmonically energy becomes force contracting by mutual affinity to a localized center.
  3. This 'contracting by mutual affinity' is by the Law of Attraction. This attractive quality may be considered as syntropy, order or Love. It is localized order, crystallization, form.
  4. Syntropy of mutual attraction increases in tension or power until discords naturally arise wherewith contracting harmony (gravitation) becomes dispersive (mutually repulsive) discord (radiation). This occurs via the Law of Cycles.
  5. When polarized discordantly energy becomes radiant dispersing from a center back to the universal substratum state or undifferentiated state. Dispersed energy becomes non-localized; i.e., having no form.
  6. This 'radiant dispersing' is by the Law of Repulsion. This repulsive quality may be considered as entropy, disorder or chaos.
  7. Entropy of mutual repulsion decreases in tension and power until total depolarization or neutrality of pure quiet scalar potential which some call “God†or heaven - having no form. Repolarization into form is initiated by excitation or disturbance of equilibrium via the infinite exciter - Thought or Thinking - some call prayer or mental manifestation.
  8. The difference between attraction and repulsion is their relative rates of vibration one against the other. [see Laws of Being]
  9. "The relative frequency of all sympathetic streams is in the ratio 3:6:9. Those whose relative frequencies are 3:9 are mutually attractive, while those having the relation of 6:9 are mutually repellant." [Keely, Sympathetic Stream, Laws of Being, Modes of Vibration, Modes of Vibration - Annotated, SYMPATHETIC STREAMS - Snell, LAWS OF MOLECULAR BEING]

Background Sympathy

  1. The background sympathy permeating all things everywhere constituting their natural state of being is that which every thing is and is all that is. Every thing appearing otherwise is of egoic perception and a misinterpretation (opinion).
  2. The state of this background sympathy is Love or the flow of Love.
  3. The background state of sympathy is the Now and the Oneness.
  4. This primal state of being is of the seventh subdivision (compound interetheric state of matter and energy) and constitutes the Mind of God. [see COMPOUND INTERETHERIC NEUTRAL CENTER SEVENTH SUBDIVISION, COMPOUND INTERETHERIC]
  5. We, as seeming individuals, are the expression of this state of being or Mind as we live, breathe and have our conscious being-ness.
  6. We see ourselves as being either in concordant with this primal state of sympathetic being or not.
  7. When we see ourselves as undivided from this primal state of sympathetic being or Undifferentiated Mind we are one with all because on this level or subdivision that is all there is. This is our natural state of being.
  8. When we misperceive ourselves as being separate from this primal state of sympathetic being or Undifferentiated Mind we misperceive we are separate, isolated, ill, in pain, and 'lost'.

Bridging the Abyss

  1. In essence the universe may be considered to be divided between the physical and spiritual worlds or realms.
  2. The physical world is generally comprised of the first through the fourth subdivisions of matter and energy. This physical world is considered to be linear and is perceived via our senses alone. It is the seen world. Because the physical world is perceived through our senses and our senses are limited our perception of the physical world is limited.
  3. The so-called spiritual world is comprised of the fifth through the seventh subdivisions. This world is considered to be non-linear and is perceived by our Minds alone. It is the unseen world.
  4. Mankind is standing on the cusp or threshold between these two worlds. Those of genius or expanded awareness perceive the unseen world. Others do not.
  5. Sympathetic Vibratory Physics is the bridge between these two worlds.
  6. On the one hand there is the physical world and its linear attributes addressed by classical physics.
  7. On the other hand is the non-physical world of spirit and mind whose attributes are addressed by non-classical physics.

Duality of Mind and Consciousness

Entangled Minds - There is but One Mind

  1. The connecting link between all things (these two states of classical and nonclassical physics) is sympathetic vibration and sympathetic oscillation acting within the sixth subdivision and the interetheric and compound interetheric (seventh subdivision).
  2. This connecting link is consciousness or Mind itself. It is an etheric (subatomic) tenuous substance.
  3. The key to knowing the Whole Mind is feeling, knowing, peace and allowing.


  1. There is the One Undifferentiated Mind of God – the background sympathy of All That Is.
  2. There is the split 1) differentiated Mind of Man – the thinking, intellect or ego mind – and 2) man's knowing mind which is the same as the One Undifferentiated Mind of God or Christ Consciousness.
  3. The challenge or purpose of humanity is to let go of the first state of ego thinking mind by embracing the second state of knowing mind. [see Part 24 - Awakening Your Genius]

Two Minds - Split and Whole

Two Minds, Split and Whole

"The time has arisen in the earth when men everywhere seek to know more of the mysteries of the mind." Cayce (254-52)

Awakened Knowing Man

Awakened Knowing Man

NOTES: When we use the term "mind" we are referring to overall consciousness, awareness or Whole Mind. We are not referring to the split intellect, ego or thinking unless specifically stated as such.

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