driving force

Professor Sauerbruch was unaware that this vacuum comes into being through the planetary movement of the blood. Had he known, then medicine would have taken a completely different course.

I was further able to prove that because contemporary machines operate using centrifugence, resistances to motion with a reactive function[12] are

11 Here the German word is 'Qualitatstoff', which literally means 'quality-matter, or substance'. With this Viktor Schauberger intended to describe a higher, 4th or 5th dimensional magnitude of pure quality as a thing in itself and as the driving force in the raising of quality of whatever kind as a 'quality-producer' or 'quality-generating substance' or energy. The English expression term 'qualigen' used here, is a contraction of the two words 'quality' and 'generator'. — Ed.
12 Active and reactive energies, temperatures, etc.: 'Active' essentially relates to the more physical dimension, to what is outwardly physical and perceptible, physically palpable, gravitationally affected or oriented, and life-negating, i.e. to energies that tend to curb, limit and brake life, evolution and development. 'Reactive' on the other hand relates to more metaphysical dimensions, to what is inwardly physically intangible, levitationally affected or oriented, and life-affirming, i.e. to energies that tend to foster, re-animate and accelerate life, evolution and higher development. - Ed. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Biological Vacuum - The Optimal Driving Force for Machines]

Viktor Schauberger's Microscope Evidence

Schauberger Figure 6

Biomagnetism is quality. Its adversary is all forms of over-illumination, over-heating or centrifugally engineered increase in pressure. In this case bio-electricity is produced, which, in the form of an atomic force of excess pressure, possesses energies that function electrolytically and over-acidify, decompose and kill all forms of life and growth. In the light of this, the deterioration of rivers and lakes becomes quite understandable. Since biomagnetism is quality, it follows that there is no constant conservation of energy in the presently accepted sense. There is likewise no equivalence between mass and energy and no insuperable force of gravity within the atmospheric envelope. All there is, is a rhythmical interplay between bipolar component forces, which ultimately inaugurates the final degeneration. In their interactive function as atomic pressural or suctional forces and through the biological vacuum thereby created, they also produce the best and cheapest driving force for machines. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Biological Vacuum - The Optimal Driving Force for Machines]

At this point the creation or ur-generation of naturalesque potential differences should be examined in more detail in order to ur-create the driving forces and propellants, which neither burn, nor stink or make a loud noise. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Liquefaction of Coal by Means of Cold Flows]

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"Creation is the product of PRIMARY IMPULSES working individually and together - making impressions upon the other, fulfilling inbuilt needs imprinted within consciousness - these needs being, at the outset to increase and experience self-expression leading to further separation then - to restore a sense of inner security and comfort - to be re-united within the harmony of UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS. Out of this driving force for a re-united harmony of being, came the male-female drive for re-union to recapture the bliss which is buried in the soul consciousness." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 5, page 23]

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