Trinity of force

"Science admits that nature works with dual force, though at rest she is a unit. "Nature is one eternal circle". Keely's discoveries prove that the doctrine of the Trinity should be set down as an established canon of science - the Trinity of force. All nature's sympathetic streams - cerebellic, gravital, electric and magnetic - are made up of triple currents. The ancients understood this dogma in a far deeper sense than modern theology has construed it. The great and universal Trinity of cause, motion and matter - or of will, thought, and manifestation - was known to the Rosicrucians as prima materia. Paracelsus states that each of these three is also the "other two; for, as nothing can possibly exist without cause, matter and energy - that is, spirit, matter and soul (the ultimate cause of existence being that it exists), we may therefore look upon all forms of activity as being the action of the universal or Divine will operating upon and through the ether, as the skilled artificer uses his tools to accomplish his designs; making the comparison in all reverence." [True Science]

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