7.11 - Second

"In the aggregation of matter, force or energy is stored up or conserved."

"There is no dividing of matter and force into two distinct terms, as they both are ONE. FORCE is liberated matter. MATTER is force in bondage." Keely, 1893

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See Dissociation, Fission

Keely's work splitting the atom in the 1880s and his understanding of equivalence of matter and force precedes Albert Einstein by at least a decade.

"The seconds of the cosmic clock are the corpuscles, or light units which make up the atom's structures." [The Universal One,Book 01 - Chapter 15 - The Formula of the Locked Potentials]

  1. Showing cyclical nature of syntropic and entropic forces continuously creating and decreating matter from the Void, aether, Scalar Potential or Compound Interetheric.
  2. Tenuous dispersed Matter integrates or forms syntropically from right to left going counter clockwise.
  3. Solid dense Matter disintegrates entropically from left to right going counter clockwise.

see Rhythmic Balanced Interchange and Law of Compensation and Equilibrium

Chart of Matter and Energy
Chart of Matter and Energy

Complete Cycle of Force to Matter to Energy
Complete Cycle of Force to Matter to Energy

NOTE - This chart does NOT show the dynamics of the vortex. The vortices at the left are there to show that it is in this position of this chart that Syntropy and Entropy come together to create the elements. The nature and dynamics of the vortex are incredibly complex. Russell's vortex drawings of which there are many in diverse configurations are over simplifications showing discrete concepts. To meld them together into a comprehensive paradigm would be an arduous undertaking involving many parts and dynamics. [See Vortex]

Complete Cycle of Force to Matter to Energy

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"Matter is divided into solids and gases. The gases are solids outwardly bound toward the heavens. Solids are those same gases inwardly bound toward gravity." Russell, [The Secret of Light, page 126]

Gravity (aggregation of matter) is the Life, Sex and Power Principle

Figure 7.8 - Gravity (aggregation of matter) is the Life, Sex and Power Principle.
"The uncreated universe is Light undivided - The created universe is Light divided into mated pairs. Gravity is the Life Principle, the Sex Principle, and Power Principle which motivates the Universal Heart beat."
(courtesy of University of Science and Philosophy)
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Mathematicians have not recognized the life-power of the notes, and so they have misapplied their calculations, though these were perfect in themselves. Assuming the place of dictators, they say with an air of authority that, "strictly speaking, nothing could be more scientifically and musically untrue than the chromatic scale of twelve equal semitones as played on a tempered instrument; for in it, as in the diatonic scale, the same natural law prevails that no two tones of equal mathematical relations can melodically succeed each other." Saying that the same natural law prevails implies that they are reasoning from analogy; but in this assumption they are dictating to Nature. In a similar way they might assume that the interval of the octave, like the other intervals, should have a grave harmonic.2 But the fact that the octave interval has not a [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 36]

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