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"Matter is capable of infinite subdivision." Keely, 1893

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(See Diagram 5 in Figure 7.6 - Keelys Triune Morphology)

Prior to this time period and even during the science community did not believe in the divisibility of the atom. The atom was considered indivisible. Science began to get an idea of this in the mid 1890s. See Quantum Chronology

Keely's Morphology, Infinite Subdivision of Matter

Figure 7.7 - Keely's Morphology, Infinite Subdivision of Matter
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"Keely has proved by demonstration (prior to 1893) that the subdivision of matter under different orders of progressive vibration evolves by such subdivision entirely new and distinct elements, too multiple to enumerate. He has systematized the proper vibratory chords, progressively, from the introductory molecular to the interetheric, embracing seven distinct orders of triple subdivision. He has elaborated a system of inducing sympathetic negative attraction on metallic masses, with great range of motion, and instant depolarization of the same, by vibratory change of their neutral centers. Keely controls the transmission of these Sympathetic Streams by a medium of high molecular density, viz. drawn wires of differentiated metals, gold, silver, platinum, German silver, etc." Bloomfield-Moore (See Part 01 - Overall General View, Figure 1.9 - Keelys Molecular Morphology)

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