1.0 - Introduction

The following presentation endeavors to show and explain

  • SVP is a wholistic science that nurtures, aides and assists humanity while conventional science tends to artificially create "organizations" or golems (after man's ego image), wreak havoc, war and stifling control over God created individuals (after God's image).
  • How the material and energetic universe is a construct of Undifferentiated Mind or Consciousness.
  • Genius (Greater Awareness and Understanding) is self bestowed.
  • How energy is resident or latent within the so-called Vacuum of Space which Space is really an expanded tenuous form of Matter.
  • How latent energy progressively accumulates in a natural Phi-based way to form quanta then atoms and then molecules. See Etheric Elements
  • How this latent energy may be accumulated or liberated and harnessed artificially for purposes to serve humanity.
  • How Undifferentiated Mind and Matter are different states of the same One Substance and are intimately associated thus revealing a grander view of and for humanity.
  • The universe and all it contains is operated according to Laws and Principles.
  • Every individualized object in the universe is assimilating every other object through sympathetic association (Universal Love).
  • How to engineer and build machines and energy sources that support and nurture humanity instead of destroying our environment and killing ourselves.

See Basic Principles

About this work - This work was not created to train a technician how to put tab A into slot B for a week then collect a paycheck. This work is designed and created to give such an informed background as to create discoverers such as Keely, Nikola Tesla and Russell were. Think of this work as a multi-year study effort not unlike what one would do to acquire a Masters degree in any discipline. How many books would one read to attain such a degree? How many hundreds of hours of study? Just so with this SVP Cosmology. Included herein are Universal Principles that once mastered will apply to and enhance just about any field of endeavor. These are not set instructions on what to do but understandings as to the causes of how and why things work.

The physical universe is an effect of this Cosmic Consciousness. The Mind of I AM or Whole Consciousness is the Cause. Your consciousness is as a subset or derivative of the Universal or Divine Mind sometimes called Christ Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness or the Mind of Diety.

In the beginning (and the end) we will see there is no thing other than this All-Encompassing Consciousness.

There is no differentiating between your Mind or Consciousness and that of any other Mind or Consciousness except in (mis)perception. There is only One Consciousness manifesting as seeming individuated consciousnesses. The illusory concept of seeming separation, created by the ego, is when things appear contrary to this Oneness of Being or Undifferentiated Love.

" . . in love all life is given, in love all things move." Cayce (345-1)

When speaking of Oneness we are speaking of a "pluralty of unity" as mentioned by Fuller. Unison is not One as in a singular excluding all else but in fact One as encompassing every thing. Every thing being imminent or latent in One much as notes of a music scale are latent within the scale's fundamental or keynote having an assigned value of 1 (One) but containing potentially all else or all other notes of that scale.

"The one substance vibrates in different dynamic degrees, and sound, heat, light, Electricity, are the effections of the one substance by specific degrees of the One Energy, and there is no difference between anything such as Electricity and, say iron, save in rate of effection." Cayce (195-70)

Many great persons have left enormous amounts of researched materials bearing on this subject and perspective: John Worrell Keely, Walter Russell, Dr. Phineas P. Quimby, Nikola Tesla, Buckminster Fuller, Edgar Cayce, Paul Brunton, many ancient Sacred Texts and countless other individuals. The vast amounts of literature left by these ones and many others is outside of the "accepted literature" which is why science is unfamiliar with it and them. Apparently the rules of academia prohibit scientific exploration outside of accepted dogma, doctrine and "politically correct" views and opinions; i.e., "The Literature". Sounds a lot like the dogma and doctrine of religion to this writer. This presentation then is a synthesis of some these people's contributions plus my own inputs developed over the past thirty plus years of studying their writings.

I did a presentation in 1994 for the USPA Conference in Minneapolis that covers a lot of the basic Principles discussed in this cosmology. I've been getting a lot of positive email and orders for my books from this video. Watching this video will definitely help grasp the Big Picture. watch video

NOTE: The term God and its synonyms are used extensively throughout this document. These terms are not meant to delineate an anthropomorphic entity or being, dogma or doctrine. We use these terms referencing the Creative Element that continuously creates and recreates all that is - from its own Self or conscious awareness. Even though science maintains the universe is "running down" through entropic energies it nevertheless was builded up by something, sometime and these are subtle yet powerful Constructive and Creative Forces. Entropy is but half of the equation of life that science focuses upon - the death side of the cycle. There is another half of life science completely ignores. No belief system (religion) is promoted, supported or implied by this writer. These terms point to an INTELLIGENCE (Mind; i.e., consciousness / awareness) that induces CREATIVE activities EVOLVING into perceptible MATTER and devolving back into raw POTENTIAL - all according to LAW. The author further postulates this Creative Force is just as fundamental and substantial as the destructive energy called entropy. The Creative Force is called within this document syntropy as also others have called it "negentropy", "anti-entropy", harmonic and Father. The writer will endeavor to stick to the term syntropy throughout this document. See Mind Force the hidden Scalar Force, 18.14 - Mind is the Ultimate Scalar Quantity

"There is a celestial mind force, a great sympathetic force which is life itself, of which everything is composed." John Worrell Keely, circa 1890

"We must assume behind this force (in the atom) the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter." Max Planck, accepting the Nobel Prize for Physics, 1918

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics - Basic Principles

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