4.6 - Matter is Not Solid

So, how does "solid" matter evolve from this plan or paradigm? How can matter form into a discrete unit from motion alone? And what is it that is in motion? Is matter really solid or does it just appear to be solid? It is known electrons are not solid but are the least quantity of electrical charge just as photons are not solid bodies but the least quantity of "light". These being measurements of quantities of a phenomenon and not discrete entities we can assume all other quantum entities are likewise discrete quantities of one batch of attributes or conditions over another batch or set of attributes or conditions. Matter therefore is not solid but simply possesses the appearance of solidity much as a spinning bicycle wheel also appears solid but is of course not. It is the motion coupled with the limitations of the human eye and prejudgmental ego that creates the illusion of solidity - solidity being a relative concept.

"Motion itself is controlled by the Mind of the Creator Who uses it to express His desire for simulating IDEA of Mind by giving it a formed body. There is no other purpose for motion.

Desire in the Light of Mind for creative expression is the only energy in this universe. All motion is Mind motivated. All motion records Mind thoughts in matter." Russell, A New Concept of the Universe, page 10

"Motion is an appearance born of the axis of a conceptive cone in inertia. It assumes the appearance of an expanding cone and disappears through radiation in equatorial opposition." Russell, The Universal One, pg. 106

''"This universe of motion is a universe of PRODUCTION, DESTRUCTION and REPRODUCTION.
All form is produced by the male, electro-positive, plus action of the charging, electric oscillation of the universal life principle, is destroyed by the female, electro-negative, minus reaction of the discharging, magnetic oscillation, and is reproduced through the union of both by radio(al)-active regeneration of inertia."'' Russell, The Universal One

"Motion, when measured and proportioned by Time, manifests rhythm." Dr. H. Spencer Harvey Spencer Lewis, AMORC

from the "Voice of Hermes" (I agree with the following, DP.)
"In order to better understand these things,we must go into a more scientific concept of mass or matter and energy. Some of these concepts were explained to you in previous transmissions and were strongly emphasized in the transcript from Venus. However, knowing as I do the failure of the human mind in its ability to retain certain truths or concepts which are alien in nature, knowing also that such concepts must be placed repeatedly within the consciousness to remain, I shall go further into the scientific concepts so that you can better understand, not only the principles which underlie the incurrence of various neurotic or inhibited subconscious differences, but also that you may understand a great deal more in the factual interpretations of your various evolutions through what is called dimensional time and space.

"I shall fire my opening gun and direct it especially at my fellow scientists on the earth by saying with absolute conviction, there is no such thing as a solid. I shall repeat, there is no such thing as a solid. The solidity of mass in your world about you appears to be such only because it is a comparative concept which you have learned to accept, not only through your present earth life from infancy, but also in the associations which were impounded into your psychic body in your past lives and incarnations. I know that is a strong statement to make; but I shall prove it in two different ways. Any scientist, nay, even high school students, will agree that such elements as you know of in your chemistry or physics are atomic compositions. You also understand atoms to be certain structures which are composed of supposedly positively and negatively charged particles revolving around a nucleus. For a moment I shall skip to the other proof.

"If you had been developed in your mind to such a state of consciousness as was the man Jesus that your concept of energy was conceived from the higher dimensions, you too could walk on water or through supposedly solid masses. Your knowledge of such structures would give you power to alter the frequencies and you would pass through them just as light passes through glass. Although glass in itself is composed of two opaque substances yet the very oppositions in their nature render their vibrating frequencies such that they are so cancelled that they effect the light frequencies in a certain part of the spectrum only in a very negligible degree. Therefore you see the seven basic light colors passing through glass in more or less the same intensity; consequently glass is transparent. We shall further enlarge our concept of the atom. You have compounded the hypothesis that an atom, as I have said, contains positively or negatively charged particles. This is a rather crude summation. I shall try to present to you the factual interpretation of what an atom really looks like.

"Take some small spherical object, for convenience, the size of a basketball, which we would say was a blown-up atom. We could see it as a mass of tiny wave-forms that would be lines of force, if you can call them such. They are not atoms or solid particles; they are revolving around the spherical compound. These wave-forms, revolving in a dimension and vibrating in a frequency which is beyond the comprehension of the earth physicist, will, of course, naturally have certain parallaxes. The main parallax, which is a conjunction, will be the central nucleus of the atom. Scattered throughout the spherical portions of this globe-like mass of energy will be other wave- forms meeting and crossing each other in a series or number of different parallaxes. Wherever these different wave-forms cross and re-cross each other their crossing will be marked by a vortex. This vortex will be a compound of thousands or perhaps hundreds of thousands of different types of vibrations which will thus be regenerated in the harmonic structures of the original wave forms which are rotating in their proper orbits. I have not propounded this theory or concept by myself, but have been assisted by many notables here, not only from Aureleus, but from the central corresponding section of Parhelion. (see chord)

"About ninety years before the time of Jesus, a man by the name of Lucretius, in a poetic or open prose form, compounded some very definite theories about atomic structures. It seems to me that in 2000 years, man should have advanced just a little farther in his concept of the atom. Just as Copernicus placed the earth and the sun in its proper position in the galaxy of the universe, so by now your physicist, with all the scientific paraphernalia and apparatus and the brains of your generation, should have enlarged your prospectus so you should know an atom as it truly is.

"I shall also make another statement; as I have said, there is no solid substance; and since we have now resolved such forms into masses of vibrating energy, we begin to see that here again, just as you have begun to find in your physics book, such form of mass and energy must be properly related to each other with a certain order of laws which are known as the laws of harmonic frequencies. If we strike a string on an instrument, it will regenerate, not only its fundamental frequency, but many harmonic structures. If a second vibrating cord is placed nearby and the two are struck simultaneously, they will generate third harmonic structures. This is a basic and rudimentary example from which we can formulate a more scientific and elaborate process, which will evolve up into the countless number of dimensions in the vastness of space.

"When we have let the idea of frequency relationship saturate our minds sufficiently we shall then be able to conceive all things in our own world, the universe and in the solar systems about us as they are in perfect law, order and harmony with each other according to the laws of these vibrating structures. It makes no difference whether they are the largest suns or the tiniest atoms which compose these suns; or atoms which compose the worlds; or the elements which compose the human body; or even the wave-forms which compose any individual’s psychic structures. They are all governed completely and absolutely by this same immutable law of harmonic relationship; there are no exceptions, there are no differences except in the manner in which such laws are expressed in a different dimension. Naturally you can assume that such orders of atomic structures exist in their atomic weight on your earth (and they number from one to a hundred). It is needless to say that in confining your knowledge to the one hundred elements you have confined your knowledge into a very small enclosure. Throughout the celestial and terrestrial universes are not one hundred, but literally hundreds of thousands of such types of atomic structures, revolving in different dimensions and rates and frequencies, which would be beyond the concept of your finite mind." (ABSTRACTED FROM THE BOOK 'VOICE OF HERMES' by Ernest L. Norman © 1959)

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