"Long, long ages pass before that bridge, which reaches out to him from its dark, becomes illumined with its own Magnetic Light of Mind-knowing, which then comes to him as inspiration. Even then man may still not know that God is actually talking to him in God's language of Light. That spark of awakened Light in him may burn in him as genius-man for many lives before he finally becomes fully aware of his Oneness with that Light. Then there comes to genius-man that great blinding flash of Magnetic Light, which engulfs him and takes him across that bridge from his world of motion unto its very stillness. Then he really does hear God's Voice saying: "See me - Be Me - Be thou fulcrum of thine own power." Genius-man has then fully crossed the bridge from motion into that stillness of the One which opens the door to the eternal omnipotent and omniscient Light of Mind. Then, and not until then, can man say: "I and my Father are ONE" - and know its meaning. That is what Christ Consciousness means. It is the final goal of all men. This man cannot yet comprehend, for the human race is still in its spiritual infancy and the journey of life is long. (The five stages in the unfolding of man's long journey from primate man to Christ Consciousness has, perhaps, never been more fully explained than in "GOD WILL WORK WITH YOU BUT NOT FOR YOU.")" [Atomic Suicide, page 241-242]

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