The Second Coming

Dialogue on Awakening
Would you please explain the process of the "Second Coming"? I feel that is the returning to our consciousness of the Christ awareness, but there has been another understanding which says that you, Jesus, physically will be returning.

"I have no plans at the moment."

Do you have any plans in the future?

"I ask you to live in the moment. Will you not allow me the same prerogative?

"Your perception is quite correct. The misperception is the one that says there was a first or second coming. The Christ has never changed. Should you say, "Will the Jesus-person be coming again," it would be totally different in its meaning. Whether or not the Jesus-person returns should be looked upon by you as being totally irrelevant. There are many reasons for this. Why would I encourage you to understand that, on the one hand, simply because we appear to be in different states of embodiment, we are not really separate, and then encourage you to look forward to my coming again which would indicate to you that this would somehow bring us closer?

"You are attempting to allow your mind slowly and gently to transcend the thoughts of limitation. It would not be appropriate for me to act in any way that would be contradictory to what you are doing. I will say to you as well that speaking in terms of the Christ, it is also irrelevant if there is a "Second Coming." There is only one point of value and that is for you to recognize at this moment, what Is. At this moment, you Are. You are in a state of being the Christ, of being the expression of God who expresses Himself as being You. I ask you only to recognize this. How could it be important to allow your attention to dwell upon any second coming? There is no value to you there." [Dialogue on Awakening, 3rd edition, page 139-140]

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"Since it is impossible for me, to descend into human body again to speak to the world, and I have other dimensions to whom I minister, I have trained a sensitive soul to receive and transcribe. It is the nearest I can do to talking to you personally. I hope you will be able to receive and accept this." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 2, page 2]

Rudolf Steiner
"... now human souls are beginning to develop new faculties, faculties that - because this is precisely the purpose of the age - will cause souls, seemingly out of themselves, to exhibit certain clairvoyant powers... There will be a number of souls who will have the singular experience of having I-consciousness and at the same time the feeling of living in another world, essentially an entirely different world from the one of their ordinary consciousness. It will seem shadowy, a dim presentiment, as it were, as though one born blind were to have been operated on and had his sight restored. Through what we call esoteric training, these clairvoyant faculties will be acquired much more readily, but because humanity progresses they will appear, at least in rudimentary form, in the most elementary stages, in the natural course of human evolution.
"... human beings can acquire the new faculty of perception in the etheric realm - a certain number of human beings to begin with, followed gradually by others, ... This ability will enable human beings to see in their surroundings something of the etheric world, which up to now they have not normally been able to perceive. The human being now sees only man's physical body; then, however, he will be able to see the etheric body, at least as a shadowy image, and also to experience the relationship of all deeper events in the etheric. He will have pictures and premonitions of events in the spiritual world and will find that such events are carried out on the physical plane after three or four days."
"Christ will not incarnate again in a physical body as He did at that time in Jesus; ... Christ will thus become visible to human beings in an etheric and not in a physical body. ...
"This condition of soul, this experiencing of soul, is called in esotericism the 'second coming of Christ.'" [Rudolf Steiner]

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