10.04 - The Aetheric state of Being and Mind

"The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather to hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial - mental and spiritual." [Sir James Jeans]

Between these two ranges of quanta, one at the end of the Table of Elements and the other at the beginning, exists a Neutral (depolar) Zone that is neither Life Giving or Death Giving - the beginning of Life and end of Death. This Neutral Zone is Aetheric Undifferentiated Mind proper located where the Death giving elements devolving from matter convert or transform into Life Giving elements beginning again their evolution into matter. The depolar state is diametrically opposite from Carbon or the epitome of Matter. This depolar state of Consciousness contains latent within it all that it may evolve into - the material universe - derived from the immaterial Void of Space, or so-called Spirit Realm. Thus we see there is the Creative Source of all that is which is all that has been created:

"Vibratory physics has here reached the boundary line dividing the infinite from the finite, the link between mind and matter. Here we must pause; but it has taught us that it is only in the supreme conditions of celestial reflection or sympathetic transfer that we live, move, and have our being; through which every thought, or flow of the mental, actuates the physical organism, on the same order that an illuminated centre radiates and lights up its surroundings." [Newton of the Mind]

"The Divine Trinity consists of God, the undivided (latent) Father - Mother of Creation, and the two divided (manifest) father-and-mother pairs which constitute Creation. There is nothing else in the universe for this is the principle of the light-wave which man calls electric current." Russell, Home Study Course, unit 6, page 391.

Zero Planes of Depolar Inertia
Figure 10.03 - Zero Planes of Depolar Inertia versus 4++ Centralizations of Polar Matter
"These loops are not like continuous cylinders of force, they are divided into whirling buttons or discs separated from each other in accordance with the force of the current." [Polar Interchange - Part III]

"What, then, is the purpose of the entity's activity in the consciousness of mind, matter, spirit in the present? That it, the entity, may KNOW itself to BE itself and part of the Whole; not the Whole; not the Whole but one WITH the Whole; and thus retaining its individuality, knowing itself to be itself, yet one with the purposes of the First Cause that called it, the entity, into BEING into the awareness, into the consciousness of itself. That is the purpose, that is the cause of BEING." Cayce (826-11)

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