7.18 - Ninth

"This atomolic substance has a density approximately 986,000 times that of steel, enabling it to permeate steel as light penetrates glass; this rotating envelope of atomolic substance is in a liquid condition. There are four conditions of matter; viz. solid, liquid, gaseous, and ultra-gaseous. These conditions result from greater or lesser range of oscillation of the composing units individually; this is equally true, whether the units are molecules, atoms, atomoles, planets, or suns. But one LAW governs all matter." Keely, 1893

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Keely considered density somewhat different than we do. For a brief description of Keely's density see section 9.1 - Propagation Function and Rates as also here. "Range of oscillation" may be determined by varying combinations of syntropic and entropic summation. For "composing units" see Figure 8.14 - Some Basic Waveforms and their constituent Aliquot Parts and Figure 1.9 - Keelys Molecular Morphology

Keely's Morphology, Infinite Subdivision of Matter

Figure 7.7 - Keely's Morphology, Infinite Subdivision of Matter
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"The structure of the air molecule, as believed in by Keely, is as follows: - Broken up, by vibratory action, he finds it to contain what he calls an atomic triplet. The position of a molecule, on the point of a fine cambric needle sustains the same relation to the point of the needle that a grain of sand sustains to a field of ten acres. We will, then, imagine a molecule magnified to the size of a billiard ball, and the atomic triplet magnified to the size of three marbles, in the triangular position, within that molecule, at its center; unless acted upon by Electricity, when the molecule, the billiard ball, becomes oblate, and the three atoms are ranged in a line within, unless broken up by the mighty force of vibratory action. Nature never gives us a vacuum; consequently, the space within the molecule not occupied by the atomic triplet must be filled with something. This is where the Genii - "the all-prevading ether" - has made its secret abode through untold eons." [Keely and His Discoveries, Chapter 7]

See Force and Energy to understand Keely's term "Force". See [Quadrature of the Circle] wherein Keely talks of the arithmetic and geometric relationships of these three revolving bodies.

"Luminosity (Etheric activity) is but a state of intensely unequalized and opposing motion sustained in its state of unequalized motion by the generation of high pressures. It is but one state of the substance of Mind in motion, a state which is within a limited range of electro-magnetic charge (syntropy), temperature, and opposition; a range which varies in intensity in each octave, but which runs the whole gamut of its limitations in the ten octave cycle." Russell, [The Universal One, Chapter 5]

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