12.07 - Keelys Thirds Sixths and Ninths

These three currents correpond to Keely's "thirds, sixth and ninths " so often discussed but not understood - and within context. Keely referred to the triune flow in its entirety as '100' which number represented the complete flow as in "100 parts of a whole" as often used in recipes measured in PORTIONS or PARTS. Further, Keely viewed this flow in three distinct yet unseparated parts each part considered as a third of the whole as in portions of a whole. [see Laws of Being - Annotated]

Thirds refers to molecular subdivision. Physical movements.
Sixths refers to atomic subdivision. Sympathetic or mental impregnation of matter.
Ninths refers to etheric subdivision. Sympathetic transfer from the celestial luminous or celestial radiation.

(see Newton of the Mind)

"It is through the disturbance of this oscillatory equilibrium, by means of resonant impulses, that Keely alters the relations of the vibratory impulses which constitute matter. This he does by striking the same chord in three octaves, representing the third, sixth, and ninth of the scale.

"Of these, the sixth reduces the range of molecular vibrations or oscillations, and by thus bringing nearer to each other the neutral centers, increases solidification.

"The ninth extends the range of molecular oscillation, and thus tends to give greater tenuity to the mass. It induces "trajectile velocity" from neutral centers, or "neutral radiation". Experiment shows that molecular dissociation does not take place until the molecule attains an oscillation approaching, if not fully reaching two-thirds of its diameter. This can be effected by means of the action of the "enharmonic" or "radiating" current applied to the mass, after its molecules have been disturbed by an "introductory impulse"; that is, by the musical note above mentioned.

"The third represents the "dominant", and when brought under control of a harmonic resonant impulse induces a complete rearrangement of the modes of vibration and oscillation; in other words, will transform the mass either into its component initial forces, or into some other form of matter. [KEELYS PHYSICAL PHILOSOPHY - Snell]

"The phenomenon of rotation arises from the harmonic interaction of the dominant and enharmonic elements of the flow; in other words, the first and third, the third and ninth, etc.; those whose vibrations bear the proportions to each other 33 1/3 : 100. [KEELYS PHYSICAL PHILOSOPHY - Snell]

"Silver represents the third, gold the sixth, and platina the ninth, in their links of association, one to the other, in the molecular range of their motions, when submitted to vibratory impulses. [SYMPATHETIC OUTREACH - Snell]

"In the three metals, silver, gold, and platina, we obtain the proportions - 3 : 6 : 9 : As this is the primary relation of the modes of vibration, a wire made of these three metals is peculiarly adapted to transmit concordant impulses; and nodes made of these substances placed upon a wire, transmitting resonant vibrations, indicate, by the different orders of vibration induced in them, the rate of oscillations of the atomic constituents. [KEELYS PHYSICAL PHILOSOPHY - Snell]

"Two years have nearly passed away since this was written, during which time Mr. Keely has been engaged in perfecting his system for aerial navigation. He has, one by one, overcome all obstacles, and so far gained control, of the mysterious polar current, that he has been able to exhibit on the thirds, or molecular graduation of the propeller of his air-ship, 120 revolutions in a minute; and on the sixths, or atomic graduation, 360 revolutions in a minute. He still has the etheric field to conquer; but those who know how many years he has been making his mistakes stepping-stones in his upward progress, surmounting obstacle after obstacle which would have dismayed a less courageous soul, feel little doubt that he will "make the race," which he has timed for life, and reach the goal a conqueror, notwithstanding he is still so often "handicapped." More on Keelys Theories


Figure 12.06 - Mind Centers and Controls Motion (colors added)

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