"[Sympathetic Outreach] Is not induction. They are quite foreign to each other in principle. Sympathetic outreach is the seeking for concordance to establish an equation on the sympathetic disturbance of equilibrium. When a magnet is brought into contact with a keeper, there is no induction of magnetism from the magnet into the keeper. The static force of the magnet remains unchanged, and the action between the two may be compared to a sympathetic outreach of a very limited range of motion. The sympathetic outreach of the moon towards the earth, has a power strong enough to extend nearly a quarter of a million of miles to lift the oceans out of their beds. This is not the power of induction.

"The sympathetic envelope of our earth owes its volume and its activity entirely to celestial radiating forces. Reception and dispersion are kept up by atomic and interatomic conflict, as between the dominant and the enharmonic.

"Silver represents the third, gold the sixth, and platina the ninth, in their links of association, one to the other, in the molecular range of their motions, when submitted to vibratory impulses.

"If an introductory impulse, representing the sympathetic chord of transmission say B flat, or any other chord, be given to a sectional transmitting wire, the molecular triple, that is carried sympathetically along the path of such transmitter by the differentiation induced, excites high sympathy with the polar terrestrial stream. The polar terrestrial, being triune in its character, requires a triune sympathizer to meet its differential requirements: silver the harmonic, gold the enharmonic, and platinum the dominant. When this triple metallic condition is properly sensitized, by any chord on the dominant, combined, molecular, differentiated action is induced, showing a condition approaching magnetism in its development of related sympathy, without having the conditions that are truly magnetic as this term (magnetic) is understood by all physicists.

"Magnetism is not polar negative attraction, any more than polar negative attraction is magnetism, for polar negative attraction shows positive sympathetic outreach, of a high order, which is a condition entirely foreign to magnetism.

"Sympathetic negative attraction is not the resultant of electrical sympathization, but it includes the full triune flow, the dominant being the leader and associate of the celestial. The sympathetic outreach of negative attraction is the power that holds the planetary masses in their orbital ranges of oscillatory action. Magnetism has no outreach, but it pervades all terrestrial masses, all planetary masses. It is highly electrical in its character, in fact, magnetism is born of electricity, whereas negative attraction is not, but it has a sympathetic outreach for magnetism. Magnetism is static. Sympathetic negative attraction reaches from planet to planet, but electricity does not, nor does magnetism. Sympathetic negative attraction is born of the celestial, and impregnates every mass that floats in space, seeking out all magnetic or electric conditions, and all these masses are subservient to celestial outreach. All the magnets in the world could not induce rotation, no matter how differentiated, but polar negative attraction induces rotation." [Keely]

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